Powerful Guerrilla Marketing Tactic Brings Crazy Results

Traffic is the number one reason to use guerrilla marketing techniques to explode your business.

Learning new and simple ways to increase your blog traffic through social media is THE way to go since Google Search rankings depend heavily on links from all the social media sites.

In fact, social linking is the best method to promote your blog posts as more eyes see the links than in any other forum or article site.

The method I am sharing in this post uses the social media giant LinkedIn which is geared towards business people and professionals.

This tactic, that few know about, will increase the traffic to your blog by up to 500%.


Do you want to learn more?

I’ve been researching ways to increase my traffic, and I found a simple way to do just that. No, it’s not Facebook, or Twitter. It’s using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social website that is used by professionals to network and interact with each other about their business or expertise.

LinkedIn is where you’ll find highly skilled professionals in different industries, promoting their skills, posting their resumes and portfolios and looking to hire or be hired.


Do you have an account with LinkedIn yet?

LinkedIn, like Facebook, allows you to join groups. Some groups are open and allow anyone to join, and some groups require approval by the administrator. The permission-based groups are usually more particular when it comes to giving access. They want to be sure their membership is professional and will contribute quality content that all members can benefit from.

You can search for groups according to your industry, or niche market. You want to be seen as an authoritative contributor with intelligent interaction. DO NOT SPAM these people. If you have nothing of value to offer, then it is better if you sit on the sidelines and just observe for a while. If you actually have content to share that would improve another person’s business, then by all means share it. The fastest way to get banned from the group is to start pitching your business.


How to use LinkedIn as a guerrilla marketing tactic…

Start by searching for groups that fit your niche or industry and choose groups with a large number of members. LinkedIn allows you to join 50 groups.

Visit these groups and contribute intelligent comments to other group members updates. Do not post things that do not benefit other members.


The first steps to this ninja technique…

Make sure you have the Digg Digg plugin installed on your WordPress blog. It appears as the floating share bar along the left side of my post. You will find Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as default share links. You can add Pinterest, and Google + if you like.


So, here is THE guerrilla marketing tactic.

When you post new content, or choose an older post that you think is dynamite, make sure you click the LinkedIn Share button. In the pop-up that appears, click the box that says share with group. Then add your groups. They will auto-fill if you start with the first letter. So, start with the letter A, and go to Z to get all your groups added. Add a little update like “you’re going to love this post guys!” And click the share button.

When you do this, your post will be shared to every group you are a member of. Now the secret to more results, is to share it at around 11:30 PM. This tactic has produced an increase of 5 times the traffic in blogs who have used this to its fullest extent, meaning someone with membership to 50 groups.

If you’ve been contributing value to the groups, and you come across as professional, there is a high probability that your LinkedIn group members will be visiting your blog. Make sure your blog post has value, and your title is not only keyword rich, but has an irresistible headline. You want the group members to HAVE to click on your link and visit your website.

Do you think this could help your rankings with search engines? You bet! Sometimes, you have to use guerrilla marketing tactics to entice people to visit your blog post, and where you take them from there is where the magic happens.


Success is all around us!






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    1. valheisey Post author

      Matthew, thanks for your comment. I watched a webinar by Bill Crosby and Gabe Strom. The teaser video they sent me two days before the main webinar, talked about this strategy. The 11:30 pm secret is what boosted their results which they revealed in their main webinar.

      Here is the link to the teaser video from my inbox: ClICK HERE. And the link to their product that they unveiled in their webinar, is: CLICK HERE.

      The main webinar is no longer available, but in it, they said they discovered this 11:30 PM nugget purely by accident, and it has worked every time they tried it since then. Hope you find this interesting!


  1. Tonya Stephens

    Hi Val,
    love those gorilla tactics! I am a member of LinkedIn but rarely go there, I’m missing out.
    There is so much we can and should be doing, I need a virtual assistant! One day I’ll have one.
    Thank you for posting this useful information.
    Very interesting stuff.
    To your success,
    Tonya Stephens recently posted..Why MLM Is Not A PyramidMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Tonya, I think a lot of people who opened an account years ago because it was the business thing to do, never used it for anything accept a way to promote one’s skills and hope to land a job or project. Boy did we learn a lot since then. I like the virtual assistant idea! Thanks for stopping by,
      valheisey recently posted..Only Suckers Poo Poo Social Media MarketingMy Profile

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