Tube Traffic Mojo Review | 14,000 leads in 8 months!

How to make money on YouTubewith Tube Traffic Mojo

How to make money on YouTube with Tube Traffic Mojo

You’ve been trying to get leads and sales, and you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, right?

Getting leads and making sales is the age-old problem for entrepreneurs with an online business, an affiliate marketing business or a network marketing business.

Maybe you’ve tried blogging, or Facebook Pay Per Click or even Twitter. All of these methods work, but are you crushing it yet?

Well, look no further…

Tube Traffic Mojo is the latest YouTube training product on the market today, but the question is, does it work?

The creators claim they have generated 14,000 plus leads in just 8 months. Why would they make this claim? What is the proof? How do we know they aren’t just hyping it to make a sale!

Tube Traffic Mojo gives you the step-by-step how-to, to duplicating their system.

Am I a biased reviewer?


You see, I am one of 25 beta testers for Tube Traffic Mojo. I have tried and tested the different modules within this course, and it’s all there.

Plus, when I was chosen to be a beta tester, I got to know the creators, and I personally saw their results. It is real – no lie!

Here’s a short video on my review…

Here’s the link mentioned in the video…

Tube Traffic Mojo – Learn more…


But, let’s back up just a minute…

Let me introduce you to the creators…

Their names are Frank and Mark. They met online in early 2011 when they were participating in a business challenge. They didn’t see many positive results, and found themselves very broke.

In the fall of 2011, they reconnected and decided to put their heads together and be accountable to each other. It was similar to the challenge, but now it was to each other instead of to themselves. They had to stay committed. They formed a mastermind partnership.

The interesting thing is that Mark lives in Chile, and Frank lives in Germany – that’s 7500 miles apart as the crow flies. Isn’t the internet wonderful?!

Well, these guys were so broke, that when Frank suggested they buy an ebook on the Warrior Forum that was sure to help them start making money, Frank had $3.50 and Mark had $7, and together, they pooled their money and bought their $10 ticket to success! Of course it was a complete failure!

The story continues…

In the Spring of 2012, Frank and Mark (who were bloggers doing SEO), started to look seriously at YouTube as a way to make money. They read and watched everything they could find on how to make money on YouTube.

Then they started doing it.

Within a few weeks, they started to generate leads and more leads everyday. They each were seeing 35-50 leads every single day. Some days, they even got over 50.

And they were converting the leads to sales.

The reason is video. Prospects get to see you and they are able to connect with you emotionally. They get to know you, like you and trust you and you are able to build rapport with your prospect.

Relationship marketing is the easiest way to avoid rejection. I don’t know any marketers that thrive on rejection, and video gives you the edge in building relationships online.

When you’re a blogger, it’s possible to build relationships online, but it’s not as easy unless you include videos on the blog. There is something to be said for face-to-face contact.

And YouTube is free. Did you know that according to statistics, about 800 million people go to YouTube each month to find solutions to their biggest problems? Why wouldn’t you want to know how to tap into this mega market?

The leads and conversions continued…

Within 3 months of building up a small library of videos, Mark and Frank were seeing 5 figures in their bank accounts. And it didn’t let up.

Now 8 months later, they have generated over 14,000 leads, and have over 400 people on their team. It’s to the point where they only call the prospect after they have joined the team. How sweet is that?!

So how did they do it?

There are 7 components they have documented and include in the Tube Traffic Mojo course. It is laid out step-by-step on how to set-up, to how to make videos that rank and how to rank them on not only YouTube, but also Google. Everything you need to know is in there. Plus, when you buy this course, you become part of a private Facebook Group where Frank and Mark personally help people get their YouTube video marketing business on track.

The whole team in the group offers suggestions, answers questions and keeps members focused and on track with their strategy.

Finally, Frank and Mark are a dream to work with. They have big hearts and only want everyone to do as well as they have done.

As a beta tester for Tube Traffic Mojo…

I have to say it is the best bunch of people to be involved with, and the training is amazing. I am in the Facebook Group, and we have developed lifelong friendships and business partners. We are a mastermind.

Now if you have any interest in learning more about Tube Traffic Mojo, click here. You will be taken to a form to sign in to watch a video. Then you can decide if it’s what you are looking for to build your business and learn how to make money on YouTube.

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To your abundance in life and health…

Val Heisey




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