Go For NO! – YES is the destination, NO is how you get there – Book Review

Go For No
Go For No by Fenton and Waltz is a must read

Go For No! – YES is the destination, NO is how you get there by Fenton and Waltz – is a must read.

Talk about a mindset change, I just finished reading this short little book – only 74 pages – and the title is really not clear as to what the Go For No means!

One would think it is taking a negative approach to getting people interested in your business, but actually it is just the opposite.

This book is about defining why people in sales (and marketing) fail. It is usually due to NOT WANTING to fail. The average person fears failure so instead of trying and failing, they actually fail because they didn’t try. Then they wonder why, and quit!

The book says that only around 8% of the world’s salespeople actually succeed, and it all stems from fear of failure. So the premise of the book is to Go for No.

So what exactly is Go for No by Fenton and Waltz about?

It is easy to set a goal of 25 people to talk to per day. And after you talk to your 25 people, you say, “okay, I’m done now – I did my work, and now I can go relax or play tennis, or hang out with friends.”

This book points out that this is not the way to build a large organization, or stay motivated to keep on keeping on. This is the way to failure. You stop talking to people because you have your goals on backwards. And you do this because you are motivated by the goal to reach 25 people, so you can stop!

Now say, you decide you want to go for 25 no’s! So you do your thing and approach your leads, and what happens… the more you do it, the better you become, and going for 25 no’s may take you talking to 50 people! So your business grows exponentially.

This is just one of the nuggets found in this great little book, and the way it is written is awesome.

Go For No by Fenton and Waltz is story telling at it’s finest!

The main character, who is a terrible salesperson, falls out of bed and clunks his head, only to “wake up” 10 years later. He gets to see himself as a successful businessman, who teaches him how to become himself 10 years from now.

Of course, he is amazed because the successful lifestyle is what he always dreamed of having, and he knows it is up to him to become that person.

The authors take you through all the training and mindset transformation that his 10 year older double teaches him. The dialog between the two tells all in how to become that successful and wealthy person of the future.

The book, Go For No has my recommendation because not only is it an easy and enjoyable read, but the message is quite clear. It is a paradigm shift in traditional thinking about sales and the examples are simple to follow.

So, keep the momentum going and Go For No!


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