What will it take – hypnotism or commitment?

We’re at the beginning of a hectic time of year, not only for our families, but for our prospects as well. Will you continue to work on your business even if everyone says, “not now, I’m too busy” or “no, I don’t have the money right now with Christmas shopping to do – you know how it is!”

You can believe them or not, but the truth is, many will not be open to joining your business, and finding someone, will be difficult at best. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not impossible, but you may find that your target market is different. So what do you do?

Do you figure, “oh well, I’ll get back into it after the first of the year, when the holidays are over.” It’s true, people will be more open to your network marketing business in January when their Christmas shopping credit card statements come in the mail and they wonder how they will ever pay it off.

They may be looking for a way to make some extra money and your opportunity may just be the answer they’ve been looking for.

January 1st brings the New Year, with resolutions. People want a fresh start, a new lease on life and they want to do something new and exciting. Is your home business that missing nugget in their lives?

Well, we know where your prospects’ heads are at, but what about you?

What can you do to stay in the game, stay motivated, and set the wheels in motion during the holidays and when they’re over?

With my company, we have challenges throughout the year. These challenges help you stay committed to do what is necessary to find leads, close prospects, and to advance to a higher level in the company – you know – make more money!

The challenges are a point-based system. Different prospecting activities are assigned points, and the objective is to accumulate a specific number of points each week based on the prospecting activities you get done. When you commit to this, you are doing what is necessary to grow your business. The law of averages says that in doing the activities, you are bound to close one or more people during the month while the challenge is in effect.

When you agree to participate in a company challenge, someone is assigned to you to be your accountability partner. This way, you have someone to report to and someone who will cheer you on throughout the challenge period.

You choose the activities each day from a list, and set a goal to complete 10 points per day, or looking at it weekly, that would be 70 points per week.


If your company does not have challenges to help you grow your business, you can use the list above and modify it to work with your company. If you don’t have the discipline to follow through on your own, find a friend, your upline or a family member to be your accountability coach. Then watch how your business changes!

Now, the question still remains… will you stay committed and follow a point system so you stay on track during the next four weeks, or do you

need to be hypnotized to avoid the jingle bells dancing in your head!






  1. David Sharp

    It’s always a difficult time around Christmas with so many distractions it’s difficult to stay on track. One thing I have learned over the years though is that those prospects you enrol over the holiday period usually turn out to be quite focused.

    Like the points system idea as well.

  2. Lilach Bullock

    Val this is a great post and something I’m already starting to see. Do you have the mentality that it’s only 4 weeks (in fact less than that now!) to Christmas and people start winding down and therefore you’re just annoying them. Best way to the New Year? You can have the same story over the summer, people are on holidays etc.

    Granted, there will be a lot of people who are less interested in buying (unless it’s pressies for Christmas) but there are still who if you take the time to educate them as to the benefits etc. that will.

    I love your point system your company sets and think that EVERY company, whether it’s a one man band, network marketing, small business etc. should have them. At the end of the day we are in business to make money and by setting challenges/targets is one of the best ways to grow.

  3. Terry Petrovick

    I love your message here Val. I have used “Action Trackers” like yours for years and what I really like is they cut trough all the stories and crap people make up as to why they are not successful. Keep Rockin’


  4. Rebecca Woodhead

    It’s amazing how much ‘busy work’ you can do in a day without actually doing anything for your business. I’ve been monitoring points for the last 2 weeks and it’s been a real eye-opener. Having proper accountability is crucial. Great post.

  5. Chante Epps

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable post Val. Every company should have a challenge points system, I know for me & my team it has created a ton of momentum. It’s a great way for people to stay focused with daily activity that’s going to produce results.

  6. Joe Sandy

    I can hear ‘um Val!! Jingle all the way!!! Great post. You are so right. So many (of us) find it so enticing to take our eyes off the prize this time of year. Great reminder. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Penny Turko

    Thanx Val! Great Tips! I’ve been wondering how I can combine a Christmas get together function with a PBR. Want to have people over for a social but also combine the benefits of the business. Yes, it’s important not to put everything on hold over the holidays, especially your business!

  8. Bluesman Of MLM

    Val, I totally agree with you with a point system! Its definitely a success graber when you are tracking your results, its only a matter of time til you start seeing them! The problem is NEVER TO GIVE UP 😉

    Bluesman signin’ off

  9. Shalonda Gordon

    It’s true Val, the end of the year is a time to make decisions in the business.. I personally love it.. due to the fact that it’s a time to move ahead.. while others are “resting” I push harder.. work extra hours.. almost like I’m hypnotized.. have a great one.. and keep smiling.

  10. Juli Becker

    Val, I’ve been meaning to get that Point Tracker from our back office for weeks now. Thank for lighting the fire in me once again. You are a true leader! Respectfully, Juli


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