Tapping into Fear and Winning the Close


Fear is something that can be overcome when you have an understanding of the basic fears.

Watched another really good webinar this evening by my good friend Ryan Angelo, and his focus was on fear.

His training was called Slight of Mouth. He pointed out that this is a skill that helps you overcome any and all objections in your network marketing business.

Slight of mouth can be used for good and for not so good. Ryan made the point that there are a lot of politicians who are skilled in this system, and use it to advance an ideology.

Most politicians use slight of mouth to get to the why and how of people’s fears and then they turn that fear into finding a solution which negates the fear and the deal closes.

Fear as Ryan says, “is nonsense, but is cunning and clever.” “It is like a virus – it can sneak in when there is not awareness.”

You have to develop a system and tap into it. You have to have the ability to understand your prospect from the inside out. Their beliefs are right for them and they do not like variables. They will automatically reject the discomfort of things that are not congruent with their beliefs. In adopting this system of slight of mouth, you will close more prospects, which will give you more time and more options.

There are six primary fears that people have. They shield themselves from the darkness of these six fears. When they encounter any of these fears, they generate an energy that protects them from that which they believe will harm them.

The six fears are:
1. Poverty – Poverty is a self-defining loop, a rat race, it’s when there is just enough money to pay the bills. They rarely get to enjoy a night out or a vacation.
When a prospect tells you they don’t have enough money, or the opportunity is too expensive, it is because they fear poverty.
2. Criticism – Criticism is fear of not being liked. In network marketing, this is a common reason marketers do not approach friends and family. For prospects, they may have been in a network marketing company previously, and experienced this first hand.
3. Illness – Illness is a fear that is more common as we get older. The thought of getting a terminal disease is a real fear. When money is an issue in paying for doctor visits people tend not to go to the doctor because this leads back to fear of poverty.
4. Loss of Love – Loss of Love is a more common fear for young people who lose their first love through a breakup, or older people who lose a loved one to old age or illness. The thought of being alone is hard to take, and can be devastating. Self image is connected to that fear as young people feel rejected, and older people, feel weak and timid.
5. Old Age – Old Age is a biggie because there are so many baby boomers who are entering retirement and finding out they are bored, and it feels like they are in God’s waiting room. Ryan points out that this is a big market to tap into – make them feel young again.
6. Death – Death is uncertain but inevitable. Can you offer a degree of certainty in an uncertain timeline?

Ryan says, “respond to these objections by saying – How does that make you feel?” You have to widen the frame and respond to their answer by saying, “you’re right, how can we correct that?”

Some fears may be more difficult than others to get past the energy barrier that your prospect has surrounded himself with. Slight of mouth is a reframe – you work from problem to solution through a non-confrontational understanding.

Finally, it is important to note that many of the six fears overlap in some way. Many are rooted in money or lack thereof. That being said, we, as marketers, can use slight of mouth to improve the lives of the people we meet and change the world for the better.

We help ourselves by helping others.

To your success…







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  1. John Moussan

    Val! I really enjoyed this post, it is something that I am personality a very big advocate for in terms of awareness. Ryan Angelo is probably one of my favourite trainers out there.. this guys is incredible! Thanks for writing this post!

  2. Juli Becker

    Val, you are always providing so much value in your posts! And I love this one, especially your final statement: “That being said, we, as marketers, can use slight of mouth to improve the lives of the people we meet and change the world for the better….We help ourselves by helping others.” Good stuff. True insight. Juli

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks Juli, I am always amazed by how Ryan connects logic and reason with pictures that he draws while speaking.

  3. Shalonda Gordon

    Val, this post is awesome.. my Pastor just talked about this a few weeks ago.. he mentioned how fear is so crazy cuz it is about something that DOES NOT exist.. I loved this post.. keep smiling

  4. Rebecca Woodhead

    Really insightful post. Thank you so much for sharing. One of the best part of this industry is being able to help solve people’s problems. Clearly identifying what they are is crucial. Sometimes, people feel weird about focusing on fears, but if you genuinely have a product or service that could address those fears, it’s actually a positive thing.

  5. Lilach Bullock

    Val this is a great post. We all have fears in our lives and it’s how we challenge them and deal with them day to day which makes us stronger.

    I recently mentored someone who said he wasn’t closing his leads. I got to the bottom of it and ultimately it was because of fear, rejection.

    In business we need to learn to educate the people buying from us that we’re solving their pain. People buy for emotional needs -after all how many pairs of shoes do we need:)

    1. valheisey Post author

      Lilach, I used to be in real estate, and I know people buy on emotion. If they took the time to analyze the offer before they bought, they would always find a reason not to buy – why? Probably because of fear…

    1. valheisey Post author

      Got that right Duke – the unfortunate thing about it is that there are too many people who believe what the politicians are trying to sell us, and keep voting the same clowns into office.


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