What stands between being poor and being super rich?

Have you ever thought about what stands between being poor and being super rich in your life?

It’s a pretty simple question… but most people don’t think about it from this point of view. Most people who wish they were rich, focus on how poor they are.

These people have never experienced being rich. They have a poor frame of reference. They will never be rich because they get what they focus on.

The rich have no problem telling the world about their product. They believe in the value it brings to the marketplace. They love to promote themselves and their product. If they have a financial downturn, they bounce right back. They have the mindset to be a success.

The reason I am talking about this subject is because I am reading a fantastic book called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth  by T. Harv Eker.

Mr. Eker has identified 17 Wealth Files that compare and contrast the differences between rich people and poor people. How they think, and how they respond to life’s circumstances.

So, what stands between being poor and being super rich?

In reading about Wealth File #8, I discovered that I come from that poor frame of reference. I think it is a common thought pattern especially for people who are older. Fortunately, by recognizing this negative trait, the calamity can be corrected.

Wealth File #8 says is that “Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.”

Rich people are not afraid to tell everyone what they do and promote their products. That’s how they build their business and become rich! They believe in their products, they believe they bring value to the marketplace, and the marketplace responds by giving them money.

On the other hand, poor people can’t stand selling or promotion. Have you ever been to an event, where the speakers promoted their products after they finished speaking? How do you feel about that? Do you resent it?

Or, have you ever been to a charity event where a local company has donated free T-shirts with their company promotion on it to the charity to give away for donations? When you get home, you put it in the ragbag because you don’t want to be a walking advertisement for the business.

As I look at myself, I know those underpinnings are simmering just below the surface. I have that negative attitude about salespeople. Honestly, I’m not sure where it started, but my guess is that it all happened when I was a newly wed, about 39 years ago, and a Kirby vacuum cleaner salesman paid us a visit.

He talked a good line, and showed us how dirty our carpets were, and explained about all those crawly little dust mites hiding deep in the pile causing allergies and illness. Boy, we surely didn’t want that! So we bought the whole kit and caboodle! A mere $400 or so!

Sidebar: when we walked down that isle in August of 1973, we had a whopping $300 to our name! Geez!

For me, it’s a scarcity issue. The thought of spending that kind of money on a vacuum cleaner seemed so wasteful. The tapes in my head play, “waste not want not.” “A penny saved is a penny earned.” “I only buy what’s on sale!” and so on.

So that was my first memorable exposure to high-pressure sales, and what stands between being poor and being rich.

Now I can categorize all salespeople as high pressure jerks, simply because of my experience and distaste of the Kirby guy, but in reality, I was the one unable to say “no!” So, reflecting back on it now, the vacuum cleaner guy was just doing his job! I was the one with the problem.

The Vac guy believed in his product, and was willing to promote himself and his value, and in doing so, was making money!

It’s a real balancing act, because if I had rejected him, chances are he would have quit selling vacuums and gone on to resent any other sales and promotion businesses. He might have resorted to flipping burgers or something.

Does this same thought pattern become what stands between being poor and being rich for others in network marketing? There’s a good chance of it!

So, how can one find a cure?

What stands between being poor and being rich needs to be eradicated from the thought processes. If resenting promotion and sales is part of your programming, you must recognize it or you will forever struggle and be poor. You have to realize that the past does not equal the future – this kind of thinking does not serve you.

Do you believe in what you’re doing? Do you believe in your product? Do you believe in the value it brings to others, and the benefits? If you do, then why hide it? Tell everyone, because that is the path to being rich.

Ekers says one more thing that I need to quote here…

“Rich people are usually leaders, and all great leaders are great promoters. To be a leader, you must inherently have followers and supporters, which means that you have to be adept at selling, inspiring, and motivating people to buy into your vision… leaders earn a heck of a lot more money than followers.”

If you are struggling with resentment towards salespeople and promotion, read this book. I got it out of my local library, but if you prefer, you can buy a copy from Amazon right HERE!

What stands between being poor and being rich for you?


To your success…






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  1. Viola Tam

    Hi, Val,

    I absolutely love your post! The questions at the end are particularly thought provoking!

    I invested in Kirby many many years ago after the domenstration. At that time, I appreciated the saalesman’s education and his EXCELLENT manner. I am forever grateful for what he shared! Other people may think that the Kirby vacuum cleaner does not worthy that much.

    Interesting perspective from mine indeed! To me, investing in KIrby is worthy. To another person, no. I amrket nutritional products. To some, it is the best investment in their health. To others, it is a waste of money. It is all about our VALUES 🙂

    Knowing that what I offer have tremendous value, I have no problem promoting at all – 100% sure that it is always good to expose others to great products or services. People can then decide if the product or service is of value TO THEM.

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam recently posted..More Tips from Mark Yarnell – from David Wood’s InterviewMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Wow Viola! I guess that Kirby guy was busy (and making money). I think it was a good machine – lasted forever until we just got tired of lugging it around – it was really heavy! But, you’re right, if you believe 100% in your product or service, then you will have no problem. Thanks for visiting me!
      valheisey recently posted..What stands between being poor and being rich?My Profile

  2. Gina Ghafari

    Hey Val,
    Spring greetings all the way from Sweden 🙂
    Thanks for a great post with some very true points about what stand between being rich and being poor – MINDSET -. You sure know how to promote yourself, sharing your knowledge and inspiring others. Love the way you break your points down.
    Pure genuine leadership and tons of value.

    “When One Teaches, Two Learn”
    Gina Ghafari recently posted..How To Brand A Company IIMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey Gina, Thanks for the kind words! Many of us struggle with inner voices telling us why we can’t be who we wish we could be, It is critical that we identify them, where they came from, and dismiss them from our future. Come back again!

  3. Rasheed

    Most people have resentment towards salespeople.

    Most people also aren’t rich 😉

    Few weeks ago I was pitched by a kid selling the local paper; I felt sorry for him so I bought it. (they’re getting good, appealing to emotion!)

    Some sales tactics piss the hell outta me (why can’t they answer my simple question of “how much does it cost?”) but hate the sin not the sinner 🙂

    Great post Val!

    Rasheed recently posted..The Power of Ten (Using RSS feeds to explode traffic)My Profile

  4. BG Jenkins

    Hi Val. Great post. You always bring value to the table. I read this book a few years ago…I’m going to have to reread it. You just don’t always realize how much those thoughts from your past have a hold on you until you’re confronted with them. It’s a great that you posted all of these so we can take a better look at how we’re thinking and then change it.
    BG Jenkins recently posted..Learning Leadership Skills From the 100 Day Biz Builder’s ChallengeMy Profile

  5. Elizabeth

    Hey Val,
    I have come across so many people that you would imagine would open both their hands to embrace opportunity especially because they are in having financial difficulties, but as T. Harv Eker said in his book: “poor people can’t stand selling or promotion” and that is why they will not move a step forward. This is really a great review which is very inspiring.
    Elizabeth recently posted..How To Post Your Blog Post Directly On Pinterest BoardsMy Profile

  6. Ceryl

    Thank you for sharing a great post Val! Really inspirational and direct to the point. A real mind set and a new perspective to have as a business owner. There’s an equal opportunity in our industry, let’s make it even better. Have a wonderful day! Best wishes, Ceryl
    Ceryl recently posted..Freedom ~ No Excuses Summit IIIMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thank you Ceryl. This book is so intense, I will be reading it again. The author suggests to re-read it a second time, and then read it once a month for a year until the concept become a way of thinking.


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