Self talk may be your demise…

Do you have one-on-one discussions in your head… you know, self talk? Have you ever wondered why some people, those who subscribe to Murphy’s Law, always seem to have problems?

The law says, if something can go wrong it will! Some people seem to always be down in the dumps. They walk around with a sad expression, and they mope and feel sorry for themselves.

Well, I was listening to a CD today by George Zalucki, called Profile of A Champion. And he talked about why people with negative thoughts, continue to have negative things happen to them.


Why can’t good things happen to you on a consistent basis?

Zalucki said, we all have two minds. We have the thinker mind, and the prover mind. The thinker mind has all the thoughts, and the prover mind has to prove him or her right.

So, if you think something can go wrong, it will go wrong because the prover mind will make it so. If you continually think you cannot do something, such as making prospecting phone calls or holding a home meeting, then the prover mind will make sure you’re right! Fear will stop you in your own tracks thanks to the prover mind.

But really, what is there to fear? What you should fear is the thought of having to work at a dead end job the rest of your life. Do you know, people will flee from the thought of pain, faster than they will move toward something of pleasure!

Think about it, what is stronger, the pleasure of living a lifesyle of freedom because I make those dreaded phone calls, or the pain of having to go to a job for 40 more years, and “retiring” with a minuscule pension. I think I would rather take the pain of making the phone calls. That’s short-lived pain, because after doing them over and over again, it becomes a game – it becomes pleasure because you know you are well on your way to firing your boss.


Self talk doesn’t have to be your demise…

Now, this theory goes the other way too. If you think things are good and possible, then the prover mind will make that so.

When I was quite a bit younger, I had a really bubbly, rose-colored glasses attitude about everything. People said I had a Pollyanna attitude. People called me little sunshine, and princess. Oh boy! Reminds me of a song… Sunshine, lollypops, and rainbows everything…

But you know, that was innocent bliss. Sometimes life gets in the way of sheer happiness and tarnishes what was once a gem of a person. And this blanket of doom can put out the glimmer that once radiated from this person. The news of the day doesn’t help either.

Now, when this happens, the best thing one can do is surround yourself with positive people. The glimmer will return albeit at least in that moment.

The challenge is to mentally take yourself to these places where positive people gather. The thinker mind needs to think about positivity, sunshine, lollypops, Pollyanna and looking at the world with rose-colored glasses, and the prover mind will prove you right.

Self talk can make good things happen to you on a consistent basis – or they can destroy you!


To your success…




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  1. Shirley

    Its a bit of cycle really Val, What you focus on your get more of, so if you are focusing on negative things and talking about negative experiences this is what you’ll most likely be receiving more of. Is it challenging to change your thinking? Depending on how bad you want to create change and how quick will decide the size of the challenge. Awesome Post. Warmest Regards Shirley
    Shirley recently posted..Success Coach Reveals Mind Blowing Technique For Self Discovery!My Profile

  2. Dorsey

    Hi Val, I do believe that most people really have to convinced themselves that good things can happen all the time. I know I have to remind myself daily and check my own attitude. This is a great topic, thanks for sharing.
    Dorsey recently posted..Being CEO Of Your LifeMy Profile


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