My “I have a dream” speech!

MyI have a dream speech

 MyI have a dream speech Do you have an “I have a dream” speech? Many do… think about it!

Today, I am reminded that my dream is so strong, there is no settling for status quo. It’s so easy (as Jim Rohn would say), to sit back and wait for life to pass me by. But the rewards that are mine with a little perseverance, persistence, and strength, are so real, I can feel the energy pulsating within my very being.

Let me tell you the origin of my “I have a dream” speech…

When I was a little girl, my mom and dad would take our family camping. We went to State Parks, KOA campgrounds, camping conventions and privately owned campgrounds not far from our home. It was great family fun, and we did it just to get out of the house, and take in the marvelous and breathtaking miracles that nature provided.

We started with tent camping. We had a cabin tent, and then upgraded to a three-room tent. I have two brothers, so that made sense to give all of us some privacy.

We would travel to Maine, Quebec, Kentucky, New Jersey, Delaware and of course Pennsylvania where we lived. We would camp at the shore, and go crabbing for blue crabs and we would go water-skiing on the lakes of Michigan. We camped in the mountains where we would fish for rainbow and brown trout. Wherever we camped, there were always so many activities that taught us about the amazing essence of nature.

I remember the crackling campfires where sparks would fly up into the night sky and look like fireflies flitting about. We would sing campfire songs and roast marshmallows. We would tell stories around the campfire and watch the glowing embers seem to breathe as they went from bright red to black and back to glowing red again.

Most campgrounds had trails. We loved to pack some crisp apples for a snack, and take long hikes all afternoon. We’d come back to camp with a raging appetite, and mom would be cooking hotdogs and baked beans on the Coleman stove.

I used to love sitting outside after dark and looking up at the stars as they twinkled back at me. We would pick out the constellations and the first one to find one always felt like a winner. I think the stars seemed brighter when we were at camp. Maybe it’s because the night sky was darker. There were no city lights to compete with.

I can still smell the outdoors. It was so fresh, and after a rainfall, everything seemed to be filled with vibrant energy and growth.

As we got a little older, my mom and dad graduated to a pop-up camper, and we were stylin’. Then, we took another step up to a Layton travel trailer pulled by my dad’s gold Chevy Impala. Now we were really making it!

When my brothers and I became teenagers, the camping began to lose its appeal and importance in our lives. The kids certainly didn’t want to hang out with the “rents” all weekend, and it had been a family thing all these years, so the weekend outings began to dwindle until dad finally sold the travel trailer.

I always loved being out in nature – still do. It revitalizes me.

So, what’s the point of this blog you may be asking?

My “I have a dream” speech!

It points to my dream. My “why” for being in this business. As you may know if you have been reading my blogs for a while now, that I have a mobile dog grooming business that I plan to sell in 2012. The work is too physical for someone my age, and the income is commensurate on hours worked. So, the income is capped and I have limited time freedom.

My dream is to get a small RV, Class C, and take my business on the road. I want to travel this beautiful country and go camping in campgrounds. I want to go kayaking on many of the magnificent lakes and rivers we have to enjoy.

I want to stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I want to see Mount Rushmore, and the Black Hills of North Dakota. I want to see Old Faithful, and go to Yellowstone National Park. I want to go to New Mexico to the artists’ colony of Taos. And there’s so much more I want to do and see. I’m not looking for the party life. I get recharged from the great outdoors.

That is my dream – it takes me back to my childhood where it all began…

and that is my “I have a Dream” speech!


To your success…







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  1. Radu

    Hey Val,
    What a great story and your why simply rocks 🙂 I love nature, mountains and travelling..a lot! Part of my dreams is to do a tour of the world while having the laptop and running my business at the same time. Also climbing mount Everest is on my “bucket list” to say so 🙂 SUA definitely has some splendid landscapes, mountains and natural places where you can go to relax and recharge yourself.
    Looking at the determination you have in posting, sharing, commenting etc you will live your dreams. For Sure 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the powerful “why manifesto”!

  2. BG Jenkins

    A beautiful dream it is, Val. You’ve painted a bright and picturesque dream that anyone would want to have. It’s good, too because it helps the rest of us focus on our bright and beautiful dreams. Thanks for sharing this.
    BG Jenkins recently posted..Mind ShiftMy Profile


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