MLM Success strategy: Part 3 – What the other 3 big guys said!

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Learn what the Big Guys said about the future of network marketing… their MLM Success strategy as a power networker

The past two days, I’ve been telling you about a webinar I watched, presented by Andrew Cass. To refresh, he talked about why you need to be a power networker instead of a cookie cutter networker in 2012, to get ready for 2013.

If you haven’t read the first one yet, you can do so HERE! And if you haven’t read the second part, you can do so HERE!

The webinar highlighted six power networkers talking about how to become a power networker. I gave you the information from three of them yesterday.

The six people participating in the webinar were Ann Sieg, Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos, Tim Sales, Aaron Rashkin, Mark Hoverson, and Andrew Cass.

The webinar did not give full details because it was meant to invite people to attend an online study course, and a live 2-day mastermind retreat. But, the points they made are worth thinking about, and my comments following them are how I see it.

So here are the final three power networker’s comments. They tell us what they see as an MLM success strategy for 2012.

Aaron Rashkin, on the scene for over 15 years, says, “the home party is making its big comeback, but not in the traditional sense that most networkers are accustomed to…” He says, “it’s about personal development and personal growth, and sharing that in your online home – your permanent real estate. You add credibility by sharing who knows you through photos, videos and social proof. People who know you personally, professionally, financially, and physically – and is a mentor to financial and time freedom.”

This MLM success strategy is about being real…

As I see it, you have to be a real person for people to want to work with you. Just a quick story here… I had been “watching the gurus” for a few months before I went to Live the Dream II, and when I got there, it was like, “I know these people.” I went right up to them and shook their hand and introduced myself – they didn’t know me from Jack, but I sure as heck knew everything about them! It was like shaking the hand of a rockstar. Knowing their struggles and their success and then meeting them face to face… WOW… that really reinforced the notion that “yes I can do it too!” That is the kind of recognition you need to strive for in this industry to rise above the fray.

Mark Hoverson, is another fairly new person to the scene who not so long ago, in 2006, had only milk, bread and beer in the fridge and was eligible for welfare. Mark says, “a new group of networkers is about to emerge. They will build wealth and credibility faster than ever before because of two “magical assets” in place now, that didn’t exist in the past…” and those two magical assets… “internet and high level people, and quantum credibility and growth principle.”

What Mark Hoverson is saying as his MLM success strategy is…

Because of the internet, and the quality of mentors sharing information – real value – a new generation of network marketers is on the horizon. Because they offer high level value, they explode their credibility and their business can’t help but grow! It is said, “what you give out always comes back to you,” and Mark’s plan is all about giving. That is genius! And so logical!

Finally, Andrew Cass concluded with his MLM success strategy…

Andrew says, “the network marketer who doesn’t have a plan to deal with distraction and overwhelm (the evil twins) will be broke by this time next year.” He added that, “there is a Triangle of Successproductivity, profits and power. When you have the triangle of success, you become 2 times more productive, you will generate 3 times more cash… and you will become an influential and powerful leader in the industry.”

Andrew’s MLM Success Strategy is all about structure…

What Andrew is advocating is that we need to develop organizational and time management skills to get things done quickly and efficiently. Our MLM success strategy is to not take on more than one thing at a time. Concentrate on one skill, master it, manage it, and then add to it, once it becomes monetized. These two parts of the Triangle will automatically manifest into being the powerful leader you visualize yourself to be.

If you would like to talk to me further about how I am making my plan for success, you can contact me HERE!

Get your MLM Success Strategy rockin’ and I’ll see you at the top!


To your success…




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  1. Duke Romkey

    I watched that webinar and even though I figured they would try to sell something at the end they gave some valuable information like you mentioned and it’s always just good to see how other people are viewing the industry. Thanks Val for the summaries!

  2. Chante Epps


    I love how you mentioned specifically the importance of not being a “cookie cutter” marketer in this industry.

    I recently ran across a book called “Differentiate or die” and it basically talks about standing out from the crowd.

    It’s no shock to me that the webinar you attended talked about that, because those “3 guys” are from cookie cutter 😉

    Thanks for sharing Val!


    1. valheisey Post author

      It was awesome David! I haven’t heard where it will be in 2012 yet, but hopefully we’ll hear soon to make plans. Thanks for commenting!

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks for commenting Terry. I think the number 1 takeaway that I got was that to roll with the big dogs, you have to first, give great value through webinars and ebooks, you have to have a product that you create and bring to market, and you have to embrace technology – the internet. The market is worldwide, old school alone, limits potential. I also believe that if the predictions are correct with the economy, you had better be successful in your own right. Those just plodding along will fail.

    1. valheisey Post author

      Got that right Ryan! Planning my product as we write! See you at the top in 2013 and thanks for commenting!

  3. Lilach Bullock

    Thanks Val, looks like a very interesting webinar. I love learning and seeing how really successful business owners share their successes and strategies, looks like it gave a lot of value:)

    1. valheisey Post author

      It actually did Lilach. Kinda brought all the points together to give a future look at what it will take to succeed in the future! Thanks for the comment!


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