MLM Marketing secrets – how to explode your online recruiting…

Do you wish you knew some MLM marketing secrets to take your online business over the top? Is your marketing approach not producing any or just a few results?

Being in network marketing is about continuously working on self-improvement, and training. We must continuously improve our marketing skills.

So as part of my “continuing ed,” I want to share the information I gleaned from a webinar I attended this evening.

I am part of a group called the 100 Day Champion Challenge. This group “meets” online every Thursday evening. No, not for popcorn and beer, although by working from home, we have that option available.

Our meetings always have a presenter (who is a top earner in the industry), share what he or she is doing to build a 6, 7 or 8 figure income. This evening, we had the honor of hearing Rob Fore give us his MLM marketing secrets to SEO and lead generation.

Rob is a master at SEO. He specializes in blogging and article marketing. He always ranks on the first page, and usually in the top spot, but no lower than the second or third spot.

Rob shared several methods to achieving that position.

One is on-page SEO. With on-page SEO, you need to put the exact keyword or keyword phrase in the title and the description. Place an image in the post and save the image file as the keyword. Make sure to give the image a caption using the keyword. Make sure the keyword is in the first and last paragraphs, and sprinkle the body copy with the keyword.

Rob says, he doesn’t concern himself with keyword density, but each page should be optimized for one specific keyword or keyword phrase. That’s it!

The next criteria to getting your blog post ranked on Google is to work on off-page SEO.

What can you do to generate backlinks?

Search engines rank pages on relevancy of search, number of backlinks, page rank/authority of site, and social media votes. The most important part is the backlinks – the more the merrier!

A variety of backlink sources is important. You can get them by submitting an article to an authority site like, or create a video using the same keywords, and submit it to YouTube which is also an authority site. Rob told us to create as many as six YouTube accounts with different emails and phone numbers, in case YouTube shuts us down because someone down the street is filing complaints just to get us shut down. Competition is fierce!

You can backlink from other blog posts you have created, and finally, be part of Warrior Forum. And of course, linking back from Facebook or Twitter is important as Google will notice and rank your content.

Other MLM marketing secrets is to get social media votes. It is critical to page rank and becoming an authority site, which brings you leads for recruiting in to your business.

Rob shared one more trick. It is one of his MLM marketing secrets that he has never shared before. It is a little secret that explodes viewers to your site through backlinks. It’s free to use, and Rob’s results show one article with over 1000 views and several downloads within just a few days. Can you imagine, having that many people read your article that contains a link to your blog, which helps to rank your site in Search engine results?

If you would like to know what that little trick is to explode your online recruiting, click HERE, Learn the how-to’s! These MLM marketing secrets are priceless – click the link NOW!

MLM marketing secrets rock!

To your success…




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    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks Rob, I really did get so much out of your awesome webinar! And, we actually met at LTDII! Your leadership and willingness to help is greatly appreciated! Looking forward to next week! Thanks!

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  2. Radu

    Hey Val,
    Rob shared a lot of value in this webinar. He rocks 🙂 After all, you don’t have to be a guru to rank on page one of Google. By using his on page and off page techniques anyone can do it. The tip related to document sharing is something worth implementing.
    Thanks for sharing,


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