MLM Success System Revealed

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MLM Success System
MLM Success System – The Secret to MLM Success is Finally Revealed!

I am about to let you in on a little secret about a MLM Success System that is practically turn-key.

I discovered it by accident, and looking it over thoroughly, I could see the advantages of using this system.

This MLM Success System not only improves the qualifying process, but also the sign-up process because it is so duplicable. I was sold.

My reps can plug into this MLM Success System easily, and get their business off to a fast start. They will be able to “see” that they can do it too! Isn’t that what everyone thinks about before joining our business? They always ask themselves, “can I do this?”

If the business looks too intimidating, they talk themselves out of joining a perfectly wonderful opportunity to have a home business of their own, where they can exceed not only their financial goals, but also their lifestyle goals.

My new MLM Success System does many things to streamline my business…

First, it saves me time. This MLM Success System helps me weed out the tire-kickers. I am able to find out if the people that I invite to see my business opportunity are dead serious.

Second, this MLM Success System explains our industry for me. It educates my prospect so I don’t have to. Sometimes, truth coming from a third party validates the issue. I no longer have to explain what network marketing is. You know and I know that many people think it is something illegal. They don’t understand that it is just another business model, and one that works very well. So now, I let the system do this part for me. It’s a beautiful thing!

I could go on and on about all the things my new MLM Success System does for me, but it is better if you just take a quick look for yourself.

This system works for anyone in a MLM, and if you happen to be in the one I am in, you can actually plug into a team where everything is already set-up. All the videos, presentations, capture pages and more. It took me about a half hour to configure my personal settings and I’m ready to go!

MLM Success Systems are not a way to avoid picking up the phone – this is something we cannot avoid. But this is a simple, easy to use MLM Success System, which helps eliminate some of the groundwork in building a business.

One other thing about my new MLM Success System…

This system is a way for me to use the internet to build my business. It is not internet marketing. It does not teach any internet marketing strategies.

What it does do is provide the tools to collect names of interested people, explain the business model, show the business presentation, and provide a personal introduction of who I am. Then I can follow up with a well-informed potential team member ready to make a decision.

I use MyLeadSystemPro to learn and implement internet marketing strategies, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a whole lot more.

I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. My time is at a premium with having another small business to run. This MLM Success System gives me more time to implement other strategies, or to take a breather if I need it.

Click the banner above for a quick video overview, or click HERE to take a peek at this sweet little MLM Success System and if you have any questions about it, give me a quick shout out.

Leave a comment if you found value in this post and how it could simplify your business…

To your success!



PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) Click Here For Instant Access

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26 Responses

  1. Hi Val,

    Thanks for providing the video. I haven’t heard of this company before. It sounds very interesting. It’s close to what I have with my business opportunity, except that we do not have personal introductions. Good luck with this and I hope you see massive results!
    Jamella Biegel recently posted..What Song Gets Played The Most On Your iPod?My Profile

    • Thanks Jamella, I think this company is relatively new – maybe a few year old, but I think they have figured out what people in network marketing need to build their business. They even have something call phone burner that calls your prospects for you! It is an upcharge, and I haven’t researched whether it works well or not, but it is there if I want it! Thanks for stopping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  2. Hi Val,
    very interesting system. How long have you been using it?
    My company just implemented a lead program and a sales funnel with a lead capture page.
    I am presently calling over 50 people a week who have opted into a work from home capture page. I am sending them to our 3 video 30 minute presentation.
    This is a great thing! Keep us informed on your progress using this system.
    To your success,
    Tonya Stephens recently posted..Becoming A “Master” Network MarketerMy Profile

    • Hey Tonya, I just started using it, however I stumbled upon it when I was checking out one our leaders website. He uses it, in fact he is listed as leader of a team using Prosperity Central. He is in charge of managing content, and he can hold trainings right within the system. Funny thing is, he is not my upline! But the support and goodwill within the company encourages everyone to be a success. All the leaders are more than willing to reach out to those who seek it. Thanks for dropping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  3. Hi Val,

    Very interesting system you have found. I am all for making life easier and weeding out the tyre kickers and it looks like you have struck gold with this system. Thanks for sharing.

    Tristram Lodge
    Tristram Lodge recently posted..Network Marketing on the Internet – So Many Benefits For YouMy Profile

    • This does seem pretty easy Tristram! I actually joined under a company leader who is not my upline. How cool is that! He is in the same company, and he manages all the videos, audios, email content, etc. for us to use. We can always use our own however, so it’s not like we give up all control. But this system makes it nice because we don’t have to concern ourselves with copywriting, video creation, etc. Just invite and follow up! Thanks for visiting!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  4. Interesting Val, just one thing puzzles me and is this system just for the use of folk in your primary company or is it generic?

    David Sharp recently posted..Transform Your Subconscious Mind Power And Be Happy!My Profile

    • Hey David, It is generic. When you sign up for it, you pick from a long list of companies. They may have your company already set up with videos and email templates, etc. and if they don’t, I think you can set that up yourself. Not sure, because I just chose Numis which was already in place. Maybe, when someone sets up a company, the resources become available to anyone in that company. You can do the 30 day free trial and check how that works. Thanks for stopping by.
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  5. Hey there Val,

    I have heard of PC but have never used them. I see you mentioned that you also use MLSP, does PC offer the training and community that MLSP offers?
    Anthony McNeil recently posted..M.L.M. Prospecting Tricks Revealed » HobaleyMy Profile

    • Hey Anthony, PC has training on ways to use their system to it’s full potential. It does not teach internet marketing like MLSP. The team I am signed up under is led by one of the top earners in my company, and he offers weekly training through the PC platform. The leader of a team can put as many training videos there as desired. So if a leader wants to offer FB training, etc., it can be done. The cost of PC is about half the price of MLSP, and has a built in customizable autoresponder, so you don’t need a separate autoresponder to use PC. They do have a forum where members can post questions and interact. Hope that answers some of your questions, and thanks for stopping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  6. Hi Val, thanks for sharing the info regards MLSP and PC. I find that getting involved in too many systems helps me lose focus, so I tend to stick with only a few things at a time these days.
    Alan recently posted..FEAR – Get Over It, Your Reward Versus Risk Ratio!My Profile

    • I completely understand Alan. If what you have is working, then don’t change a thing. I guess for me, I am in experimentation mode. I am currently looking a more systems so I can make a comparison. Being on the inside allows me to know first hand about all the features each one has, and whether they fit my business plan or not. Thanks for stopping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  7. Have not heard of this company Val! As far as I’m concerned any system is a fantastic help to your business. Any guideline to help you follow and keep you on track I think makes a tremendous difference to your success and efforts.

    Thanks for the new suggestion and system!
    Jessica recently posted..Word of Mouth Marketing-Get Your Idea To Spread Fast on The Web!My Profile

    • You bet Jessica! The first time I saw this, and the fact that one of our top earners in my company is using it, I had to sign up and check it out. The first 30 days are free so what the heck. So far, I am liking it. Thanks for dropping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  8. You’ve shared something that is extremely powerful here Val. When prospects are considering the home business industry, they are ALWAYS wondering about the process. The more simple the process that you take them through, the more attractive it will be to them and re-assuring to them that they can use the same system to help build their own business.

    This is duplication at its’ best.

    Keep it rocking Val!

    Chante Epps recently posted..The Importance of a Mastermind Group and How It Can Greatly Benefit Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Hey, thanks Chante. This system does make it extremely easy. Don’t know if you know Dave Lovett, but he uses it as a leader of his team, and he let me join them, even though I am not part of his downline. He told me he wanted to have something duplicable, and not as complicated at MLSP. Many of his reps couldn’t make a go of MLSP. Learning curve was too steep. PC provides a way to use the internet withut having to learn anything. I can see a reason to have both.
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  9. Hey Val,

    So you just got started with this one. Will look forward to more updates on how this one is working for you.

    I know that there are so many different marketing systems available for us to use online and everyone needs to pick the one that best suits them. I have never heard of this one either but in all honesty, I quick looking at everything that is presented to me. I have in place all the things I need right now to continue moving me forward so those new shiny objects will not get in my site. Not right now at least.

    Thanks for sharing this and glad you are excited about it. Please do keep us up to date with your progress.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and are ready for a very productive week.

    Best to you,

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Add YouTube Annotations to Your VideosMy Profile

    • Adrienne, you already have a system you are happy with, so don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken! I think PC is a nice add-on for new reps who suffer from overwhelm and confusion with standard internet marketing. For some, it is just too difficult.

      I like the fact that I can plug someone into this one easily, and they are ready to go in about a half hour. They can refer offline contacts to it and learn to market using social websites and send new “friends” to the link. The simplicity is obvious.

      Thanks for dropping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  10. Hi Val,

    I’m not sure of what all you have tried in the past, I have used phone burner to call thousands of leads and my conclusion was I was much better off creating my own unique leads as opposed to using a system like that.

    Be careful not to get too distracted from your primary business.

    Most of these affiliate programs are promoted because there are affiliate commissions that get paid.

    Keep the main thing the main thing.
    Terry Petrovick recently posted..When Should You Quit Your MLM?My Profile

    • Hey Terry, I found this through Dave Lovett who uses it with his team. I talked with him on the phone about it, and he said most of his new reps struggle with the learning curve and MLSP. Dave actually uses both systems. I am trying it out for 30 days, and will see how it goes. Haven’t tried the phone burner feature yet. The only affiliate is the system itself – something like MLSP, except MLSP also has product affiliates.

      I’ll let you know how it goes and thanks for your words of wisdom.
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  11. Val MSLP is one of my favorite tools for many reasons and I think every new marketer should at least consider having a look because it gives them options with their business!
    John Moussan recently posted..“You Be Right, I’ll Be Rich”My Profile

    • John, I too think MLSP is the greatest training platform out there. I also think that for some, it is too difficult to learn and implement a specific online strategy. Maybe it’s an age thing. And maybe some people give up on MLSP because the time span needed to see results. Some people want to use the internet to stay in touch with prospects, and show prospects what they are doing, but that is all they need or want. PC is a great tool for doing just that. I just learned last night in a webinar given by Dave Lovett, that PC tracks who goes into your pages and which pages they look at, so when you call them back, you will know if they saw the presentation or stopped at the capture page. It also tells you if they come back to take a second look. It is a great qualifying tool. I’m going to give it a shot! Thanks for dropping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  12. Wow, this little system does sound cool! Are you using it right now? What features do you feel are most valuable? :)

    I love your statement: “Funny thing is, he is not my upline! But the support and goodwill within the company encourages everyone to be a success. All the leaders are more than willing to reach out to those who seek it. ” HUGE! Want to be a top earner? ACT like a top earner and help everyone prosper! :) So great!
    Kevin recently posted..Network Marketing for Bi-LingualsMy Profile

    • Hey Kevin, yes I did sign up for it. It is so easy… Call, invite, and follow up. The beauty of Prosperity Central is that when you send someone to the website to take a look at your company presentation, you will receive a notification from Prosperity Central about who came to you website, and if they saw the presentation. Then, when you call them, you won’t be blindsided as to whether they had a chance to watch it or not. And, if someone watched it, and then came back to watch it again, you know they are probably very interested, so you want to follow up with them first. The more I learn about this system, the more I am impressed with it.

      The Numis top earner I signed up with is on the west coast, and I am in Florida. Luckily, he has his training calls at 10:30 PM EST on Mondays evenings, so I can participate. The one held this past Monday trained in ways to use the PC system, which was very helpful, and the leader I signed up with actually called me to help me get everything set up correctly – just like he has his account – to give me the ability to experience the same results as he does. I am very excited about being part of this. Thanks for stopping by!
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success System RevealedMy Profile

  13. I really like the Prosperity Central system. It’s very professional and has a really great autoresponder. I like how it had a task manager also. Dave Lovett got me started in it so it’s a great system for sure. I personally didn’t get many results with it, though I did generate quite a bit of leads! I’m currently using the free version right now, but I will say that the paid version is worth every penny if you have decent lead flow.

    Let me know how it works for you!

    Rasheed recently posted..Insights from NAC2012: How to Propel Yourself this YearMy Profile

    • Yeah Rasheed, Dave is also the one I am in trial mode with right now. A lot of people have come to the capture page, but no one has tried it out yet. Still in evaluation stage. Interesting to know your results. Thanks for dropping by!
      valheisey recently posted..The Secret to Free MLM Leads…My Profile

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