MLM Success: Use it or Lose It

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MLM success: Use it or lose it
MLM Success: Use It Or Lose It!

Everyone in network marketing is looking for MLM success, right? The answer is pretty obvious. So you’ve taken to the bits and bytes world, and have begun marketing on the internet.

This is such a wise decision. Adding internet marketing to your business will bring you tons of MLM success. The days of shoe leather are long gone – thank goodness!

I want to let you in on a little something I discovered. I do most of my online marketing by blogging. The question comes up time and again; how often should one post to get the kind of MLM success we expect (or hope for)?

There are some gurus who say blog every day, and the leads will come in about 90-180 days. Others say 2-3 times every week is sufficient to trigger a consistent stream of new leads.

I’ve found something very interesting about blogging for MLM success.

I started blogging in October 2011. As of this writing, I have 160 posts. I was posting consistently every day, from October to early April. That’s about six months. After 93 posts, a few leads started to trickle in. My MLM success had begun, so I thought.

I continued to post my articles every day. The leads were coming at 1-2 leads per day. Not what I hoped for, but I just kept going. My MLM success was out there, and I could taste it, but I wasn’t able to bring on the avalanche I was shooting for.

Truth be told, I was in blog overload. I felt like I needed to take a vacation! Even a job, gives you 2 days off every week. I was burned out – big time.

Part of my routine was to visit other blogs and comment. Others reciprocated by commenting on my blog. A win/win for everyone to build backlinks. But my eyes and brain were beginning to glaze over – all the articles started to look the same.

Many internet marketing bloggers provide great information on new tools, or training that is sure to skyrocket my MLM success. But everyone tells us, focus on one method and master it. So reading about Pinterest, or Facebook PPC, or how to use LinkedIn to get leads is just a distraction.

When I started blogging, I wrote whatever I felt was interesting or what I learned that particular day – something I read, or a webinar I attended. Time and again, someone would bring up the importance of keyword research, but I still just played the roulette wheel and thought, hmmm… I think someone would be searching for “network marketing.”

I found out, that roulette was not the way to win, at least not consistently. Recently, I picked up a copy of Rob Fore’s e-course, Posting on Purpose for Profit, and according to Rob, 2 times per week is sufficient as long as you employ SEO strategies to rank on Google.

Now, here’s the kicker that happened to my MLM success.

After consistently blogging and commenting everyday, My Alexa score dropped to 91,000. That’s a good thing! I am told 100,000 or less is the magic number. I had made it! And I was getting the leads to prove it.

But, because I was burned out, and Rob’s course gave me permission not to blog everyday (in my mind), I cut back to posting every 5-7 days. That’s a real drop from what I was doing. Now, 3 weeks later, my Alexa score is 161,000. That’s not good. And the leads have dropped off too.

My conclusion… because I have not fully implemented the SEO strategies to rank, I need to either blog more often, or get the SEO in place – pronto! My MLM success is just out of my reach and I know what to do to get there – focus!



Live Long and Prosper!







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  1. I never gave much thought to SEO and key word research before past some PPC stuff I did awhile back. I really like the part about master one type of marketing…I am guilty of trying to many things and not doing anyone of them any good.
    Ethan Caine recently posted..My 90 Day Prospecting ChallengeMy Profile

    • Hey Ethan, it does help to get ranked on Google, and when you are showing up on the first page, the rest is golden. One of the problems that we marketers have, is that there is always new training put in front of our eyes, and we are always looking for a better way! The best way is one way, and doing it well. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Val,

    That’s an interesting experience you’ve had. I too got burnt out from blogging every day, and my Alexa score increased accordingly. It was so discouraging, knowing the work it takes to blog and comment on others’ blogs to build those backlinks.

    I think the important thing is to implement both strategies: blog consistently and SEO. Either way, I agree, your (and my) MLM success is just out of your reach. Focus, focus, focus.

    You can do it!

    Juli Becker recently posted..3 Simple Strategies To Generate More Leads To Your Blog!My Profile

  3. Hi Val,
    Great post. Been there done that. Rob Fore is great as well as Marc Barrett. I love that you have160 posts. I totally re did my blog just a few weeks ago and I have come back from the Google Panda dungeon and am really pumped about it.

    To Your Success,

    Tom Coleman recently posted..MLM Marketing Is Kick Ass EasyMy Profile

    • Hey Tom, it seems we are part of a club! No one tells us that when we start, we all just seem to stumble into it. But, we come out stronger and more educated on the other side! Glad you found your way out of the dungeon – whew, that must be devastating! Perseverance and focus and we will all find success! Thanks for stopping by.
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success: Use it or Lose ItMy Profile

  4. Val, nice article. Focus is unfortunately one of those things that is at times really hard to do. I don’t know how many times I have heard the saying Master one type of marketing and implement it correctly before you move on to learning the next thing.

    This is actually true with just about everything that we do as humans. Yes, we do have the ability to multitask, but sometimes when we do it has disastrous results. Ray Higdon says it best, if you blog consistently and with the right message, you just simply cannot fail to get leads and sales!

    Keep moving forward.

    Alan Turner recently posted..Facing The Giants – Never Give Up, Never Back Down & Never Lose Faith!My Profile

    • Alan, you’re right about losing focus on whatever we attempt to do usually is disastrous. I have heard it many times, that although we humans like to think we are superhuman because we can multi-task, it usually means we are Jack of all trades, master of none. Not a good place to be. Thanks for stopping by.
      valheisey recently posted..MLM Success: Use it or Lose ItMy Profile

  5. Val…to be completely honest, I have not paid as much attention to my Alexa ranking, but that is because I do not have the time to do all the work blogging that I used to. What I do instead is share socially, and I write about the stuff that shows up in my business each week…things that I am sure others have issues with on a daily or weekly basis. That strategy makes the leads I do get more finely-tuned, and they are also a lot more interested in what I have to write about.

    I dropped back to writing 2-3 times per week, and I have to say that, for now, I am still enrolling people into business at a steady clip. I’m going to keep reading your blog to see how you fare. Maybe we can help one another. :) and *fingers crossed*

    I’ve been blogging since 2006, off and on, but I have been doing it professionally since June of 2010. It’s great to now have someone I can bounce ideas off of and we can both get better as we go. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. This is the stuff that matters!
    Christi Johnson recently posted..How To Generate Leads On Facebook – The TruthMy Profile

    • Christi, I don’t normally check my Alexa ranking either, but my mastermind partner does, and she noticed the difference when I started blogging less often. So, that made me think, I need to get my SEO setup done because I don’t want the last 6 months to have been a waste of time. I like your idea of bouncing ideas off one another – forming another mastermind! Thanks for stopping by!
      valheisey recently posted..Niche Marketing is the Key to Your Business SuccessMy Profile

  6. Great post Val, I love what you did with your blog! I have not visited you in a while. As always you have great insights and tips about blogging! I wish I was as consistent as you! Congratulations on your success with you blog… that’s awesome! I want to get 2 to 3 posts up this Summer! Do you know of a challenge? Thanks for sharing! ~ Nathalie
    Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted..Creating A Website Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This!My Profile

    • Hi Nathalie, thanks for coming back, and glad you like my new look. I’m not too good with formal challenges. I tend to go my own way, and sit back and observe what is going on in the group. Right now, I am in Adam Chandler’s and Jordan Schultz’s challenge, but I just can’t keep a written record of doing the stuff. Probably a mistake on my part. I am in a mastermind group now though. It is more about conversation and give and take of ideas to build our businesses. No blog link posting allowed. It’s not a tribe, but I am excited about it. Will learn the intense routine of SEO and blogging and article marketing. It rocks! Thanks for stopping by, Val
      valheisey recently posted..Niche Marketing is the Key to Your Business SuccessMy Profile

  7. There we are Val, we both took the same path and had the same experience. It’s a difficult choice as we have two industry leaders in Ray Higdon and Rob Fore, both are successful and both blog, but both do it differently.

    I know blogging every day can be a challenge but t is one that I am going to re-embrace, I think the only time we can ease up a bit is when our blogs become more self-sustaining. The important thing here is not to get discouraged.

    David Sharp recently posted..An Internet Article Marketing Follow Up!My Profile

    • You’re right Dave. But getting discouraged is easy to do. I think I am focusing on 2-3 times consistently per week, with repurposing for MLSP articles, warriorforum, adding betternetworker at a later date, and ezine articles. Then also use pingler, pingfarm, and I really need to do more with video and YouTube. At the very least, it will add variety to the routine. I’m hoping if I can be consistent with say Sundays and Thursdays for new content, with all the other keyword optimized repurposed content, it will make a difference. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by.
      valheisey recently posted..Niche Marketing is the Key to Your Business SuccessMy Profile

  8. Val I appreciate you sharing this! Great learning experience and to know what you have done and what kind results… as we follow similiar people. Great insight and thanks for sharing… I will be learning from that!
    John Moussan recently posted..A Golden Weekend – Numis University Sacramento 2012My Profile

  9. Hi Val,
    Great post as usual.
    You know I thought once we did the due diligence for the first 90-180 days things would begin to happen. It is discouraging when they don’t! I have seen an increase in traffic with the key word search articles the last couple of weeks. So I am encouraged by that. We really have no choice but to keep on keeping on, it may take longer than we thought but hopefully we will arrive at a good place.
    To your success,
    Tonya Stephens recently posted..Tips For Growing Your MLM Part 2My Profile

    • You’re probably right about that Tonya, but I look at Rob Fore, and he has only posted about 2 times per week wince he started his blog. He was bringing in money within the first month, so there has to be more we can do. I think it is keywords and SEO. We’ll just keep at it though. Thanks for stopping by.
      valheisey recently posted..Niche Marketing is the Key to Your Business SuccessMy Profile

  10. Hey Val – this is a very interesting post.. I find it especially valuable since I’ve only started blogging for a few months now. I can definitely relate to all of the articles looking the same… And reciprocating comments.. Pretty much everything you’ve discussed above. I’ve got to say CONGRATULATIONS on that 91,000 Alexa rating!! That’s AWESOME!!! I’m shooting for the same kind of ranking at some point this year.

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome story. Persistence and consistency wins the race!!


    • Hey thanks Cezar, but I have some work to do to get back there. Change can be good and it can be bad… in my case, not blogging consistently and as often has been a negative. I intend to be consistent, but try using other ways to put my content in front of new eyes. Glad you stopped by,
      valheisey recently posted..Only Suckers Poo Poo Social Media MarketingMy Profile

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