Shhh…. It’s a secret! Only one more chance to fast track your MLM Business…

Fast Track Your MLM Business

Fast Track Your MLM Business

Are you like the tortoise, plodding along but wishing you could fast track your MLM business to the next level?

Are you struggling with focus, getting leads, closing sales, signing up new reps, and taking care of yourself at the same time?

Well, you’re not alone! So many people in network marketing struggle with this very problem. So much so, that many of them give up.

Now, we know that’s not you, right? We know that’s the last thing you want to do with your business.

So, the question remains… how to fast track your MLM business?

I have some very exciting news to share with you all. I just got off an important webinar, given by Jordan Schultz and Adam Chandler. They are launching their third 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge.

Originally, this challenge closed its window of opportunity last Monday evening at midnight. Jordan and Adam were deluged with people pleading to be allowed in. So, they decided to open up the doors one last time to give those people a chance to sign up. And that’s why I am excited, because the doors are open, so if you have never heard about this challenge, you have the opportunity to join us too!

Currently, there are 147 members signed up on our Challenger’s Facebook page, each with an unbridled enthusiasm to succeed.

I mean, this group is pumped!

Several people who are in this Challenge, participated in one of the first two challenges and they saw their business increase so much, they signed up again. One person, saw his blog traffic jump from 300 visitors a month, to 23,000 visitors per month. Wow! And, what followed, is that he consistently signed people into his primary business and MLSP!

Now, you may say, “What’s so special about the 100 Day Biz Builder Challenge, that I can’t do on my own?”

How is this Challenge going to fast track your MLM business?

Well, right out of the gate, we were required to sign a commitment letter stating that we will not quit. It’s too easy to quit without a promise to yourself and the group.

Second, we had to make a video, telling everyone why we were joining and what we wanted to achieve by joining. There were many in the group that never did a video before (myself included), so that was the first “out-of-the-comfort-zone” experience for a bunch of us.

Other things we needed to do include joining the before mentioned Facebook Group for MEMBERS ONLY! We joined a skype group for continued interaction and the ability to offer help and encouragement to each other. And we are encouraged to select a mastermind partner to work closely with to get the daily challenge checklist completed.

What is the Daily Challenge checklist?

It is a record keeping method to push yourself out of your comfort zone and in to getting a specific number of points accomplished every week. When you do what is necessary to earn the points required, the law of numbers will guarantee that your business will start booming.

What does it cost?

It costs nothing to join the Challenge.

What are the prerequisites? None, other than you must to be a member of MLSP which you can take the test drive for $9.97 for 14 days.

If you would like to learn more about this Challenge, go to this link:

100 Day Biz Builder Challenge

This is going to be an exciting time. Many people are going to see results that they have been dreaming of.

But, don’t wait! The doors will close permanently in only 6 days! On Wednesday March 14, at midnight, Jordan and Adam will close and lock the doors for this 100 Day Challenge.

Who knows when the next Challenge will take place?

Click on this link and find out all the juicy details – you won’t be sorry! (And you can still decide to do nothing, and your business will reflect what you do!) So, here is the link one more time.

100 Day Biz Builder Challenge

You can probably tell from this post, that I am very excited to be part of this challenge, and if you need a boost in your business, why not join me!.

It’s time to take one more chance to fast track your MLM business!


To your success…




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