Your Niche Market – An Avalanche of Leads

Are you wracking your brain trying to figure out where else you can find people to contact about your business? You’ve called everyone in your warm market, and now you are faced with looking for bodies. Cold calling is the one dreaded things that most marketers cringe having to do, but you don’t have to if you’ve discovered your niche market.

This is one area that many overlook, but may bring the highest quality leads for your business.

Take a walk down memory lane to what you have done in the past. It may have been an occupation, or a hobby, or a sport. Are you a retired dentist, or didniche market for lead generation you work in corporate America as a CEO or marketing executive? Do you or did you ever fly a Cessna aircraft? All these things have organizations where a unique common thread brings everyone together. There is a camaraderie or kinship, and you are either part of it or you were once part of it.  You have knowledge about what is talked about and shared within the group.

These groups are a tremendous source for leads.

Now, don’t get involved in the group as a casual visitor and start pitching your business.  Forums generally have rules and if you don’t abide by the rules, you will get booted. One rule that is almost always the case is that you can’t pitch a business. If there is a forum site for your niche market out there, just begin by contributing value. You may say, “I don’t know what to say, or how do I begin with adding value?” Well, start by getting involved in existing forum posts on the internet. Add your two cents to the conversation. It may be a funny story you experienced, or a tip you use to get things done. Become a regular in the forum and build trust relationships with the other members. Soon you will be able to contact other members directly as you build a friendship. Eventually, your new friend will probably ask you what you do, and then you can mention your business. Maybe they will want to learn more about it – maybe not, but that’s OK. Just keep contributing and become a trusted regular member.

Another approach to Lead Generation

You may be thinking – but Val, this forum method will take forever to get some interested people to take a look at my business! You’re right – it won’t happen over night but it is a method to monetize something you have experience in. But if you want quicker results, here is one method I found to make that happen. Start a niche blog site.

Suppose you are that Cessna pilot, or a former roofing contractor, or a computer repair guy. Create a blog site where you provide value to this group. How do you get traffic to it and become famous on the web? By contacting them through their website (if they have a business), or in forums related to the niche.  Ask them if they would like to participate in a series of questions. Tell them you are creating a resource for small craft pilots or contractors or whatever your niche, and would like their input if they are willing. If you are sending them an email through their contact page on their website, ask them for their direct phone number and the best time to call if you have any follow-up questions or to clarify something they said. Don’t forget to put your blog website address in the email so they can see you are legit, and it’s not a scam. Now, they have the option to say yes or no, but finding people on the internet is nearly limitless.

Your limitless warm market!

Now you have your own platform to talk about things you know about, and by asking questions, you will never run out of things to post. Remember to lead them to your opportunity on the site because they may be looking for something to do after they stop flying or fixing teeth.

The sky’s the limit with this one! Start your niche blog today!




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