Writing effective headlines that scream, “Read Me!”

How to write effective headlines

Learn how to write effective headlines that will get noticed and read.

What makes people read articles or blog posts? Obviously, the topic has to be intriguing., or the visitor has to be looking for answers to a specific problem. But when they do a “Search”, and a list of ten sites comes up on the Google search page, how do they pick which ones to read first?

It’s not always the first one listed on the page!

Suppose your blog post shows up on page one, in the 6th position. What can you do to entice the searcher to click on your link?

If you look closely at the search page, you will see the Title and the Description in most search engine results. Some may be different.

So it is important to make sure that what they see is reader-bait. It has to be good, mysterious, informative, has a hook, and entices the “Click”.

Writing effective headlines is the best way to do this.

Your headline is the title of your article or post, and this is your “first impression.” Some WordPress Themes enable you to force a different title than the actual one on your post. This is useful if you create a “catchy little title” that is not keyword rich, but if you can make your catchy title keyword rich too, that’s a plus. I use DIY Thesis Theme which gives me this option.

Your first impression is what matters…

They say, you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Ever try to sell a house or have you ever gone house hunting? If you have, you know that when you walk into a house that needs work, is dated, is dirty or cluttered, you make an about-face, and look elsewhere.

Have you ever applied for a job? You know, you have to look and act your best without being plastic or fake, so the interview moves in your favor and you are chosen over everyone else who has applied for the position.

You have to make it good the first time around in everything, including your headlines.

What’s involved in writing effective headlines that attract readers?

The following seven headline formulas from “Engagement From Scratch” by Danny Iny, will help in writing effective headlines and boost your readership.

  • Get what you want – Example: “The 4 Step process to losing 50 pounds in 30 days”
    This one works well for health, wealth, relationships, time and lifestyle articles.
  • Crystal Ball and History – Example: “3 Predictions on the economic fallout of 2012”
  • Problems and Fears – Example: “Stop Home Invasions Once and for All”
  • Fact, Fiction, Truth and Lies – Example: “Little Known Ways to Cure the Common Cold”
  • How To, Tricks Of The Trade – Example: “How To Lose That Beer Belly Once and For All” or “Ten Ways to monetize your blog”
  • Best and Worst – Example: “5 Best Ways to Grow Your MLM Business”
  • List Headlines – Example: “Four simple strategies using on-page SEO to see 150% improvement in your Alexa Score”

This is an essential first step to engaging your readers. If you consistently use dynamite headlines, your readers will come to expect quality content and will return again and again.

Now, if the content is of no value, then you will turn them off and lose them faster than a jack rabbit heading for the stew pot.

So engage your readers with writing effective headlines that scream “read me,” then dazzle them with outstanding content, and include a “call to action” to keep them in your loop.

If you would like to know more about my plan for writing effective headlines and what I am doing with my blog, click HERE!

Writing effective headlines can be fun and profitable!


To your success…




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  1. Preston Schumacher

    This is a great introduction to writing headlines for more click throughs Val. Even though I don’t like writing from a negative point of view, negative headlines get much higher click throughs than positive ones. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Shirley

    Awesome Val, Headlines are detrimental to your online business knowing you only have 3-7 secs to catch the reader. Thank you for sharing this. Simply gold. Warmest Regards Shirley

  3. Dorsey

    Thanks Val for this great information. First impressions ARE everything and if your goal is getting people to read your article, we need to know how to accomplish that.

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Dorsey! If they don’t read the article then we’re wasting our time writing!

  4. Sandy Moore

    Effective headlines are a magic way of capturing your audience in the first instance.

    If you want to take it one step further you could also use aminstitute.com/headline/ which will help you to write more dynamic headlines based on emotional value.

    Great post Val.

    Sandy Moore

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Brian. The catchy title and effective content is essential in all forms of marketing!

  5. Elizabeth

    Hey Val,
    I like the comment that headline is the title of the blog post and the first impression which you make with your readers! Some great tips there. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Duke Romkey

    Great tips Val! Headlines are often times undervalued and people will just put the first thing that comes to mind, but if you don’t have a good headline then people won’t click on it and it doesn’t matter how good your content is because people will not see it.

  7. Tristram Lodge

    Hi Val,

    Great advice on headlines which is something i could sure work on to make mine a lot better. Those 7 formulas are awesome, will take those away with me. Thank you for sharing success valuable content.

    Tristram Lodge

  8. Pat McKeon

    Hey Val,
    I love your web-site and i love this post!!
    You are so on-point when you say, keep it
    enticing and mysterious…
    thanks for turning us on to : diythemes.com


    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Pat! I love DIY Themes. Their tutorials and database is outstanding for tweaking the Thesis theme to something awesome. Thanks for commenting!

  9. Clint Butler

    I have actually written a post on this very subject myself. The title is probably the most important thing that you can write for you content. Search engine optimization along with a little creativity in your content will increase your click-through-rate tenfold when done properly.

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Clint! You gotta get them in the front door so they can see what you have to offer!


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