When the machine is missing a part…

Have you ever rebuilt a machine or the engine in your car? Perhaps not, but logic says, that every part has to be accounted for and in the right place, or your car won’t run. So you stick the keys in the ignition, turn them to start the car, and nothing happens. Something is wrong, but where do you begin to look for the problem?

machine or engine parts are needed for optimum performance

For optimum performance you need all the machine or engine parts in the right places

Have you ever felt like this in your online network marketing business? You’ve picked the engine you want to drive; you think all the parts are where they should be, you push the start button, but nothing happens! You keep wondering why you haven’t seen any leads flowing into your autoresponder.

Online marketing is much like building an engine. When you choose your marketing approach, like blogging, and you know that to optimize the results, you also have to have an autoresponder, and social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and maybe niche forums, the problem shows up when you are not seeing any results. Is something missing and how do you diagnose the problem?

You’ve watch webinars and videos teaching you how to set everything up, but still nothing happens. What do you do next?

Again, how do you diagnose the problem?

The confusion may rest on the settings, or you may not be working the system, or you may not have exercised enough patience.

First, make sure all your admin sites are using the correct account names and information. If you have several email accounts, and you use a different one for each social account, they may not be finding each other, and if each email account is using a different Avatar, then your picture may not be showing up by your posts.

Second, start working the system. Even if you are a blogger, you may have to get things moving by jumpstarting the engine. Manually connect the dots. Go to Twitter and start looking for people to “Follow” that are energetic, goal oriented, and may be in network marketing. Follow them and then invite them to join you on your Facebook page. You can get a free account at Socialoomph.com to help automate this for you.

Create videos and upload them to your YouTube account. Ask your viewers to join you on your Facebook page. Don’t forget to post your videos on your Facebook page too, so other fans can view them as well. They create good information or entertainment for your fans.

Be sure to include your website address on your Facebook Fanpage, so people can link back to your site, and if you have your blog set up so your posts are distributed to your fanpage, most of your posts will be linkbacks to your blog. It’s like putting starter fluid on your spark plugs!

Then keep blogging consistently and be sure to add your call to action on every blog post asking people to join you on Facebook. Time will turn your blog into a well-oiled machine in about 3 months of consistent nurturing, and in the meantime, your Friends/Fans list will continue to grow and potentially bring you massive amounts of business.

Finally, be sure to have opt-ins on your blog so you can collect names for your list. You want to be able to broadcast emails giving them useful information and when you have an exciting ebook or webinar to offer, you want to be sure they know about it.

Patience is the toughest part of figuring out why the machine isn’t running up to speed. It may be tempting to give it a good swift kick in the you-know-what.

Don’t quit before you reach the finish line.


To your success…




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  1. David Sharp

    I truly believe that blogging done correctly, as you advise in this article, is the way to build a long term successful business. It does not create instant riches but over time has the potential to deliver a fortune.


  2. Terry Petrovick

    Great post Val. WOW, you said it all in very few words. It is really important that people understand the big picture of ‘what’ you are about to create. It is also important to work with a proven coach.

    Thanks for your leadership,


  3. Lilach Bullock

    Thanks Val, these are some key steps that will help many have a clearer understanding of how to have an online profile.

    Blogging is very powerful and when done correctly it can have amazing results.


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