Traditional Marketing or Internet Marketing: Which one is best?

You hear both sides of the story whether traditional marketing methods are better than internet marketing methods.

One person says their network marketing business was stagnant for 6 months or more, before they sponsored their first team member.

Then they discover internet marketing and their business takes off. By leveraging social media, blogging, and PPC they are able to build – no explode – their lead list, and with more leads, comes more conversions, and more sign-ups.

And with internet marketing, they are able to add affiliate marketing to the mix, which when done correctly, brings enough income to cover their primary business autoship and all their other business expenses. It supports their business until things start to gel and take off, and then it becomes another revenue stream – sometimes as big or bigger than what they are making in residual income from their primary business.

Okay, Internet marketing sounds good, but what about the person who prefers traditional marketing…

Looking at it from the traditional marketer’s point of view, they use methods like building a list of at least 100 people, and calling them or contacting them, or holding meetings several times per week. Their stories are that when they started doing this consistently, within 90 – 180 days, they were bringing in 5 figures per month. Very impressive!

Those that rely on traditional offline methods report that their tactics are the fastest way to build a business. But, there are internet marketers who have hit the 5 figure mark in 30-60 days using social media PPC. That’s very impressive too! (Other online marketing methods take longer.)

Traditional marketers say that you will never reach the “big bucks” using just the internet, but there are some big earners out there that use the internet exclusively.

So what is the truth? What is the best way to build your network marketing business?

I think the answer is found in who you are…

  1. Your personality are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you readily reach out and talk to people without inhibitions? Extroverts are better suited to traditional offline methods and may not have the patience to wait for some of the online methods.
  2. Your culture – some cultures teach that it is respectful to lower one’s eyes when in the presence of someone of higher stature. Women especially are expected to lower their eyes to men. They assume the role of second class. This may be something that is ingrained into their psyche, and is hard to break. Their culture would not accept them if they did. For these types, online marketing would be the better choice.
  3. Your gender – again, women have taken the role as subservient throughout history and many young girls are brought up this way even today. For others, there is a safety factor to consider. Women networking face-to-face with total strangers may be dangerous with the wrong prospect. Again, online marketing might be a better fit for gender issues.

To summarize…

Extroverts have an advantage with traditional marketing. Those that are naturally “the life of the party,” outgoing, adventurous, like to take risks and have a long list of friends and acquaintances do very well with making a list and calling everyone. But, eventually their list will be used up, and they will need to find more leads – the age-old problem for all network marketers. They should make lead generation part of their complete business plan and even if they are using slow online methods such as blogging, the leads will begin to come in right around the time the offline leads need a boost. To learn how to find offline leads ===> click here <===

And what about the introverts?

Introverts generally have the patience to wait 90 plus days for the internet leads to begin appearing, or they have the ability to focus on how-to-do PPC advertising to generate leads faster. To learn how to generate online leads ===> click here <===

What introverts lack is the ability to talk to real live people. Whatever the reason, whether they are afraid or it is in the psyche, there is a solution.

Face your Fear, and enroll in an Assertiveness Training class. You could start by reading books that are all about personal development, but a class will help immensely as there is accountability by attending a class. You will learn how not to be a doormat anymore, and take responsibility for your own actions. The knowledge you gain will create a lasting change that stretches across all areas of your life. If you have inferiority issues because you are female and have had this mindset ingrained in you since you were a child, this class will change that too. If you are worried about safety, take a self-defense class and learn how to protect yourself. You can rise above all this with some guidance.

If you have cultural issues, I am not an authority to make recommendations, but seek out someone of the same culture as you, and see how they are handling it.

I am curious if you agree with the “you” as to which type of marketing is best, and if you think there are other reasons, please add it in your comment. Thanks!

Now it’s time to go find those leads!


To your success…




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  1. Duke Romkey

    I think you can be successful with either one but if you want to become a “monster” in the industry you need to learn how to be good at both. Each one has components that you need to get to break into the upper echelon of the industry.

    1. valheisey Post author

      No argument from me Duke, but I have been looking at many of the upper echelon and there are some who seem to be leaning more towards marketing online where others still rely on the tried and true. Maybe it has something to do with their comfort levels. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Chante Epps

    Both offline and online marketing are really powerful ways to build your business. I truly believe that if network marketers would embrace both strategies that they would find that both compliment one another. I find that it’s extremely important not to get too caught up with using only one way to market and build your business.

    Understanding the importance of networking offline, and getting in front of people and speaking with them face to face is absolutely priceless. The internet shouldn’t replace communication, it should only be used as a platform to reach more people.

    Awesome post Val – keep them coming!

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks Chante – I agree! If you are not able to face people, I think you not only short-change your business, but you also short-change your personal life too. People are interesting creatures! Thanks for your comment!


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