Top Secret – The Essential Marketing Mix for Your Business

Essential Marketing Mix

Essential Marketing Mix includes Commitment, Investment and Consistency

Do you struggle with “what to do” in your marketing mix for your business?

You try something, it doesn’t work, and you look for something else to try. You begin to think it’s the fault of the product, or the company, or your upline for not holding your hand every step of the way.

Quit looking for someone or something to blame. The reason your strategy is not working is because you are not following the rules of the game.

There are three essential “must do’s” in the marketing mix to be effective and to grow your home business.

The first is commitment.

Without commitment, you are destined to fail. For example, You decide to use Facebook to develop relationships and eventually prospects for your business. You start out with good intentions, sharing posts every day for an hour. After a week or two, you have added a bunch of new friends to your friend list, but you haven’t had the opportunity to convert them into prospects. You question whether this tactic is even working, so you start missing a day here and there, and eventually, all your hard work is for nothing. You tell yourself that Facebook as a marketing tool does not work, so you look for another tactic and abandon all your new friends on Facebook. The time you already spent friending people was a waste, and you are back to square one with your marketing efforts.

You need to have patience with your marketing. Statistics show that the most effective advertising needs to be seen by the masses over and over again for about 6 months before it starts to catch on. Internet marketing needs to be seen 60-90 days before you become accepted by Google and found by inquisitive minds. The customers will start to trickle in at first, but keep at it and build your brand, and more and more people will see what you have to offer.

The second essential in the marketing mix is investment.

This may differ from one type of business to another, but in network marketing, your investment is mostly time. That’s the beauty of network marketing – it has very low overhead. You need to budget your time, so you can fit in the essentials of your marketing plan. Again, if it’s Facebook marketing, you need to invest your time by scheduling a specific hour to work on it everyday without fail. If you don’t, you are wasting your time. You also need to budget for offline marketing because offline becomes the bread and butter in network marketing. Things constantly change with the internet. When, not if, Facebook makes some major changes, your whole marketing mix could be reset to zero. So plan your time investment to include both online and offline marketing tactics.

Finally, the third essential in your marketing mix is consistency.

Work your plan every day. Failure to do so will mean failure in your business. If Facebook is your strategy, do it for an hour every day. If you are a blogger, or you use article or video marketing, create 1-2 pieces of content every day. Consistency is what will build your brand and skyrocket your business to success. All three of these essentials overlap each other and when implemented as a total package, your efforts will be rewarded. So even when it looks like things are not working as planned, keep on keeping on. Don’t stop 3 yards short of the goal line.

Remember… your marketing mix means that you need to commit to your marketing plan, invest your time or money into your marketing plan, and be consistent in doing it everyday!



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