Sponsor Monster or Deep Rewards

sponsor monster

Don’t become a sponsor monster and put unneeded pressure on your friends and family.

Sponsor Monsters put a lot of pressure on friends, family and others they meet. Give to get and the rewards will be great.

Are you a sponsor monster? Chances are, that if you look at network marketing as a “getting” business, then you are a sponsor monster.

You may not have sponsored anyone into your business yet, but if your mindset is to try to lasso in as many people as possible, then you are experiencing the very reason people run from you when they see you coming. Nobody wants to be gotten!

Pretty soon, you’ll find you don’t have any friends left, and you’ll wonder why… you’re just doing your job, right?



Does this tactic even work?

There are some trainers who believe network marketing is purely a numbers game. They will tell you that you need a list of 300-500 people to call. Of those 300 calls, you might get 125 people interested enough to set an appointment. With 125 appointments, you can expect 100 will take a look at your presentation, and of those 100 people, 20% or 20 will join you in your business.

Now if you do all your calls within a 30 day window, you can speed things up significantly. You may find you only need to make 150 calls, and you’ll be able to set 90 appointments, with 60-70 looking at your presentation. Your sign-ups will increase to 30-40% or 27-36 new team members when you go fast, but this means you are working 16 hour days full time, or 8 hour days part time, plus weekends, and you are all in. Speed drives momentum and when people feel your excitement, they are more inclined to want to be part of that excitement.

Except for the number of hours at the grindstone, it all sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Twenty new team members is a great start. But on further review; of your 20 new recruits, 12 will do something, 8 will start to look like leaders within 90 days; and within a year, 4 of them will be solid builders accounting for 90% of your income. And looking out 5 years from now, 2 of them will become major leaders in your organization.

Now in the long term, all this work up front will pay you big time in 5-7 years, but is this the best way to build your network marketing business?



You don’t have to be a sponsor monster.

What if you approach your business from the standpoint of being a teacher and a mentor?

Jim Rohn once said,

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

So when you teach someone how to do something, the rewards are many.

Think about it… if you’re already in network marketing, is your business thriving? Where did you learn the skills? Did your sponsor take the time to teach you and get you started or did you have to search out the how-to’s to try to master the skills on your own?

Look at the numbers again. 2 out of 20 people that join you will succeed. That’s a 90% drop-out rate. That’s huge! No wonder it’s difficult to “get” people to join you in your business.

What if retention was higher? The results would be that your business grows faster and stronger,  and you’ll be able to help many more people change their lives with a beautiful career as a Professional Network Marketer.

Treat your business like a business. Train your people from day one. Hold their hand for at least 18 months… that will get them past that 1 year drop-out point. By standing with them, you will be able to release them into the world, fully developed and ready to be a leader for the next generation in your team.

Develop 5 leaders at a time. As one matures and “takes off”, take another one under your wing. Developing a team of leaders means you are building deep and that’s where the riches are buried.


Onward and Upward!




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