How video marketing and staging go hand in hand…

Video Marketing and Staging Go Hand in Hand

Video Marketing and Staging Go Hand in Hand

Video marketing and staging go hand in hand and I will illustrate this with a story you may find interesting and helpful.

First, I want to invite you to read my post on my breakthrough into video marketing. You can read it HERE where I talk about what equipment I use to make my videos and the software programs I use to upload and edit them. You may have already read it if you have been following my blog.

But in this post, I want to point out some things you can do to improve your videos, starting with staging.

What is staging?

Staging is the deliberate act of making things look appealing to the eye. It is a marketing tool used by professional stagers and real estate agents to prepare a home to be sold for top dollar and in the quickest time possible.

Before I move to Florida, I lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My family and I lived in a house for 16 years while the kids went to school. All the while during those 16 years, we continued to improve the home with landscaping, a koi pond, a finished basement, a new driveway and roof, new hardwood floors, a renovated kitchen with Corian® countertops and a lot of paint. The home was a gem. I always said, that as long as I had to live in Pennsylvania, that home was perfect.

But, in 2005, our daughter graduated from college, and both kids were gone for good (their choice not mine), and the real estate market had been hot for several years. It was July 2005, we decided to sell this home because we had put in motion, the build job on our home in Florida, and we knew we would be moving there in about 3 years. We could have waited in that house for another three years, but the real estate bubble was about to burst, and we wanted to get top dollar.

I staged the home. Everything was spotless. The glass and sinks sparkled. The table was set for a gathering, there were bouquets of fresh flowers in several rooms, the candles were lit, all the lights were turned on, the beds were covered with new spreads, there were new towels in the bathrooms, the lawn was mowed and the weeds were non-existent. The house was gorgeous!

Now as a former realtor, I knew what to do to sell a house so we put up a professional looking sign with a brochure box and phone number, and then we left for vacation. While we were away, we had several calls from realtors with buyers who wanted to see the home. We came back, and 11 days later, the home was under contract for more than the asking price. The home closed in about 45 days, and we moved to a dump in a bordering town about 17 miles away.

Now the dump, was an old historic townhome in Columbia, PA. There were ceilings coming down, disgusting carpet and pink flowered, flocked wallpaper. The home had been decorated in Victorian style. We ended up spending the next three years, totally renovating the 2500+ square foot 3-story home, including redoing the kitchen and putting down hardwood and marble floors. But we got in done in our three-year timeframe, and then we staged it.

This time, it was April 2008. The real estate market had collapsed. We stuck our sign in the yard on Easter Sunday, and 5 days later the home was under contract for more than the asking price. The home was gorgeous!

So, what am I getting at as far as video marketing and staging go hand in hand?

Here it is… When shooting a video, stage the setting. The last thing you want to do is have a box of Cheerios in the background sitting on the kitchen table, and a stack of dirty breakfast dishes sitting by the sink. When someone views your video, they will be checking out your kitchen, and not be focused on your message.

Also, when shooting a video, do not shoot in a dark room with the light from a window behind you. You become very dark because the built-in light meter on your camera detects the light from the window and adjusts the exposure to compensate for that. In doing so, you look like you’re in the shadows. Have the light from the window shine on your face – then make sure the background is not cluttered.

Two other background suggestions…

  1. Shoot with a white wall behind you and light shining on your face. This set-up gives a very austere look, one used by fashion models. There is only one place to focus on and that is you.
  2. Shoot using a green screen as a background and then you can use photo-editing software to replace the green screen with any background you choose, like a picture of Tahiti or the Eiffel Tower.

So, watch how you shoot your videos… as you can see, video marketing and staging go hand in hand.

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  1. John Akers

    I’ve done a few videos that make me look like an assassin ready to strike from the shadows. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my webcam when I open the blinds during the day to do a video instead of reflection of the monitor at night. Great advice and once my in-law moves out I’ll reclaim my den and master the arts of the video!
    John Akers recently posted..Attraction Marketing: Value and LeadershipMy Profile

  2. Juli Becker

    Val, as a former Realtor, I have seen the results as you’ve described. Staging is definitely powerful in tipping the scales of a sale. You have proven that – which is awesome.

    As a Network Marketer, I am studying what it is that makes those leaders who are having success quickly. It seems as if they are creating a ‘stage’. Their surroundings are appealing and so are they.

    You are spot on with this post.

    Congratulations on your success in your real estate deals. It’s so good to hear stories of those who took advantage of the market, when the market was good.

    Thanks for the tips and the proof that staging is the name of the game, when it comes to succeeding in video.

    Juli Becker recently posted..Is Numis Network Right For You?My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Juli, I was fortunate with two properties, but I did have an oops in Florida. Contracted for two build jobs and they (the builders) decided to finish both within a month of each other in 2006. Market was dropping like a rock, so we decided to walk away from one of them. Looking back, we have no regrets, but left a nice chunk of change on the table :(. Thanks for commenting and I think the stage you are referring to with the top marketers is their brand!
      valheisey recently posted..How to stay focused in your network marketing business…My Profile

  3. Alan Turner

    Hi Val, this is a really good post, chock full of juicy information. Staging your videos is very important, and this includes the intro part of the video which I feel is quite a crucial step that a lot of people miss. A quick 5 second intro on each video lets you begin to brand who you are and gets you known, especially if your intro is really catchy and unique.

    Keep moving forward.

    Alan Turner recently posted..What Do The US Embassy in London, Virgin Atlantic and the Polo Towers have in common?My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks Alan! I agree with you that the intro is important. And if it’s a help video, tell the viewer you know they are looking for a solutions to …! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Chante Epps

    I really do love video marketing Val, it is truly the “gateway” to attraction marketing and really connecting with your audience.

    So glad, that you pointed out such an important factor. It really is all about perception and how people perceive you. Best thing to do is to have really good lighting as well as a plain background that way there is no “room for making bad judgements” 😉

    Awesome post Val, keep ’em coming!

    Chante Epps recently posted..Why your SEO L-M-N-O-P Strategy May Actually Be Hurting Your Online MarketingMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey John Thanks! It was fun, but think about it… with houses…. if you were house shopping, and you had two homes – one a cluttered mess with dirt, grime and broken things, and then you look at another home that looks like a showroom – which one would you put an offer in? People are distracted easily, so you want to keep their focus on where it should be. It’s all in the presentation!
      valheisey recently posted..Are you in a frenzied MLM Business State of Mind?My Profile


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