Niche Marketing is the Key to Your Business Success

When looking at the crowded field of network marketers, have you considered niche marketing to catapult you out of mediocrity?

More people are turning to MLM’s, not only because it makes sense, but also because there aren’t too many jobs available that pay as handsomely as network marketing.

With that ever increasing number, what can you do to improve your chances of success when you’re just a small fish in an ocean of hungry sharks?

One way is to engage in niche marketing. defines niche as “a distinct segment of a market.” So what does that mean for your network marketing business?

To illustrate the concept, let me describe to you, where I live.

I live in SW Florida, in a gated 55+ golf course community. It has an executive size 18 hole golf course, a large heated pool with spa, an exercise room, a billiards room, a library, a residents room, a restaurant with bar, a clubhouse and pro shop. It has an activities director, bocce ball courts, lawn bowling, tennis, shuffleboard, and 700+ single family homes and villas. The cable TV and the lawn care is included in the monthly HOA fee. Sounds pretty nice, huh?

The niche market who buys into this community is usually retired, likes to play golf, needs someone to plan activities for them so they can socialize with other retired people and not feel lonely. They no longer want to do their own lawn care, and if they see a neighbor doing it, they scratch their head and think “why?” It’s a niche who clearly wants to give the aura of having lots of money even if they really don’t. It’s all about image.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time.

With a little luck, I hope to sell my little bungalow, and move to a home by the big waters. Charlotte Harbor to be exact. Preferably in a 1930’s Florida style home with lots of charm. I want to be able to have a little garden with some fruit trees. I want to sit on my deck overlooking the water, with my easel, and paint beautiful sunsets. I like things real – no pretense; I like my freedom and independence, and family is what’s most important.

Now I don’t want to offend anyone, but this clearly paints the picture of two specific niches.

So, how does niche marketing apply to network marketing, and what is the key to business success?

People are funny creatures. You know, birds of a feather syndrome. Would you rather work with someone you don’t relate to, or someone you know from the inside out? If you find a niche that has something in common with what you like and do, you already know their buying triggers.

Some examples of matching niche to MLM, include people that are concerned about physique, they would be great candidates for a company that promotes fitness. People who worry about health and nutrition might be interested in a health and wellness company. There are 1000’s of companies to choose from and finding the right one is important.

But the key to success in niche marketing is to first figure out what niche you fit into. Where is your comfort zone? Do you like to dress to impress, or is a T-shirt and shorts your forte. Where do you shop? Are you a bargain hunter or nothing less than Sak’s Fifth Avenue will do.

It may sound like you are limiting your marketplace, but by choosing to work with people in your niche, you actually increase the probability that they will stick around and continue to do business with you. And when they’re in it to win it, you have just found the key to your business success through niche marketing.



To your success!



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  1. Tonya Stephens

    Hi Val,
    I really like your style of writing. You let people get to know who you are and what you like and then you sprinkle just a little bit of your marketing into it.
    My only question is how did you end up at the gated place?
    good job!
    To your success,
    Tonya Stephens recently posted..Tips For Growing Your MLM Part 2My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hi Tonya, thanks! I got caught up in the real estate investment boom in 2004. New construction was going gangbusters in this community, and we wanted to buy and flip. At the time, the price increases were going up 24%. The bust came in 2005, and the house was done in summer 2006. Couldn’t sell it, so rented it for 2 years until we moved to Florida. Since we were stuck with it, it is where we live. It was never my dream home. Ah well, C’est la vie!
      valheisey recently posted..Niche Marketing is the Key to Your Business SuccessMy Profile

  2. CEZAR

    What a great post Val.. Not many people talk about choosing the right niche, but it really is important. Choosing the right one is definitely crucial to your long term success.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks Cezar! I know how much I prefer being with people who have things in common with me, so it stands to reason that doing business with people who you can communicate with makes sense. Glad you stopped by.

  3. Jamella Biegel

    Hi Val,

    I think Niche Marketing and Networking Marketing go hand in hand. I can’t imagine being involved in a Network Marketing Company that I had zero interest in. If we aren’t excited and passionate about our Network Marketing Company, others will see that, and won’t be interested either. It just makes sense!
    Jamella Biegel recently posted..Easy Ways To Generate Blog TrafficMy Profile

  4. Alan

    Hi Val, really great post. You have a really easy going and flowing writing style, really nice. I think at the end of the day it all comes down to connections. How we do or don’t connect with people makes a rather large amount of decisions for us, and as you say, would you rather work with people you know and like or you don’t know and dislike? I know which I would choose.

    Alan recently posted..Who You Are and Why Anybody Should Care?My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey Kevin, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I do not have anything in common with the people in my community so I do not participate in the social activities. I do much better to seek out groups that I personally can connect with – there is a level of trust and authenticity within those groups. My style is to not get too involved with the people I live by – it is easier to avoid uncomfortable situations when you don’t have them in your back yard. Glad you stopped by,
      valheisey recently posted..A Home Based Business That Completely Defies The IRSMy Profile

  5. Amy Jo Neal

    This is such an important idea to understand Val. I love how you explained it. I heard Ray Higdon speak on this recently…about drilling down who your EXACT prospect it. Most people go to broad and try to market to everyone. What you suggest, getting specific, is way more powerful. Rock on Val!

    “The Marketing Lioness”
    Amy Jo Neal recently posted..How To Remove Working Mothers Guilt…Forever.My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey Amy, I read a book recently that pointed this out – about finding your niche or even your superniche and building a community and becoming the go to person for that niche. That is the road to success in business, and with that success, the people you are not targeting will be automatically attracted to you too! Thanks for dropping by,
      valheisey recently posted..A Home Based Business That Completely Defies The IRSMy Profile

  6. Easther

    Great Post Val!

    This is a good overview of niche marketing. Keyword and competition research is key when developing a niche site. Proper domain selection and on site optimization can put you way ahead of your competitors and make things alot easier.

    thanks for sharing your post with us Val.


    1. valheisey Post author

      Easther, you’re right… without keyword and competition research, focusing on the niche alone will not bring the results needed to succeed. Thanks for stopping by!


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