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MLM benefits

MLM Benefits

The MLM benefits of some companies never cease to amaze me. Of course, I’m talking about my own company, Numis Network. This evening I discovered a unique benefit to being part of a growing group of Numis representatives called the Numis Nation.

This MLM benefit was the brainchild of one of our terrific young reps from Naples, Florida. The idea was not originated by any of the leaders, or owners of the company.

It was completely grassroots, and proves that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. This rep certainly thinks outside of the box.

I honestly don’t know the trigger that got her thinking, but what she came up with, is awesome! It will help other Numis reps build their Numis empires. And isn’t that what all of us are constantly looking for? An easier way, or a tip for success?

Like Numis, these MLM benefits are unique in this industry!

Most people who join an MLM, either already have a job, or own a small business, or they have a spouse who works to support the family. The MLM may have been added as a way to make some additional income to pay some bills, with a future vision to build an empire one day.

Our smart Numis rep decided to create a Facebook group for other members of Numis Nation to promote their other occupations. There is no promoting of other MLMs however.

Some of the examples of promotions in the group include a hairdresser who does exquisite hair coloring. Another teaches kick-boxing, another one has a faucet company, and another is an author. There is an investment firm, a golf club fitter in a pro golf shop, a music producer, and many more diverse businesses looking for new clients and sales.

The idea behind the group is to support each other by sending referrals to fellow Numis reps. We want our reps to be able to continue building their Numis businesses part time while they work their other occupations. This is especially valuable in this economy.

So, are MLM benefits the same from one company to the next?

You tell me!

I think this external mastermind group was possible because of the community we have at Numis. Each leader has a Facebook page and every new signup is invited to join the group. Even the owners of the company participate in the conversations that go on in there. The Numis Nation FB group is there to cheer each other on, answer any questions, solve any problems, share any ideas and just be the kind of support and encouragement we all need in this type of business.

I haven’t yet shared my business with the group mainly because I am not taking any new customers. And secondly, my business is totally localized because I drive to my appointments within a 15 mile radius of my home.

But, I am working on a niche market online business that I may add to the page as soon as I have it setup.

This type of referral system is gold. Do you know how many Numis Network friends have other friends outside of Numis to refer business to? There are around 32000 Numis Reps around the world! The exponential growth potential is enormous!

If you would like to know more about Numis and be part of this awesome community, click HERE! Currently, Numis Network is in the US, Canada, the UK, and is in pre-launch in Australia. Australia opens for business on April 1, 2012. If you know anyone who is open to learning how to collect wealth, preserve wealth and create wealth, while being part of an awesome community, click HERE!

MLM Benefits… not all companies are equal!




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  1. Radu

    Hey Val,
    Very smart idea..helping people with referalls not only that leaves more room for building the MLM biz-Numis in this case- but also creates stronger connections between the members of your team. Really creative 🙂 Wow, Numis in growing very fast. Will they expand in other contries than USA, Australis, Canada and UK?
    Thank you for sharing your experience!
    All the best,

    1. valheisey Post author

      Radu, keep your eye on Numis. Their motto for 2012 and beyond is to change the world with money! Haven’t heard any rumors about what’s next, but you can be sure there will be more countries joining in the excitement. Thanks for commenting!

    1. valheisey Post author

      Kim, I am always amazed at what this company does next. Always growing and always looking for ways to support the team! Thanks for the comment.

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks Dave! Yes it is a great team, and I am honored to be a part of it. Let me know when you get back to the UK! Numis is open for business there as well.

    1. valheisey Post author

      You are absolutely right about teamwork, and you are also right about Numis. They are in pre-launch in Australia, and go active on April 1. Maybe New Zealand is on the horizon… we continue to grow around the world! Thanks for commenting Maria!


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