List Building Giveaways: is long or short content preferred?

This post comes from a personal point of view and the best way to tell you about it is through my own story.

I started down the path in network marketing in the spring of 2011, when I was looking for an add-on business for my existing small business. I found a product that was related to what I do, and I thought – what a perfect fit!

At the time, I didn’t put too much thought into who I wanted as my upline, so I signed in through the corporate website and was assigned to a random rep. My reason for joining was about carrying product for retail.

I did a trade show and managed to sign up two customers on autoship, but nothing else materialized. I was at the point where I either had to figure out how to make this work or I had to give it up. I was paying for the replicator site each month, and the few sales I had were barely covering my costs.

That’s when I knew something had to change…

I began researching network marketing strategies and found tons of blog sites with opt-ins offering free this and that. I opted in to maybe ten of them and began to absorb everything I could. Names like Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling, Mike Dillard, Larry Beacham, Daegan Smith and a few others. One had a 7 day video bootcamp, another had an ebook, and others had 86 minute webinars – you name it I read or watched it. I also opted in to e-newsletters from names like Big Al Schreiter and Tim Sales.

All this information made me realize that I had to start marketing online as well as offline, and my current company didn’t encourage online marketing other than the company replicator sites. There wasn’t anyone in my company doing massive online marketing.

So, I decided to change companies and go with one that had many top earners using the internet in one way or another.

The question is, was it the long or short content that hooked me?

List building with long or short content

List building with long or short content List building giveaways - is long or short content more effective in leading to product sales?

With videos, I always watched them if they were under 8 minutes. Anything over that, I’d have to set aside a block of time to get through it, and I don’t have a lot of extra time.

I actually bought a 78 page ebook, and read it in one afternoon. Found it fascinating and it changed my understanding on how to market. You can see what it’s all about here.

I downloaded 2 free ebooks that were over 100 pages each, and I still have not read any of them. I visually scanned the TOC, but I’m not a fan of intense reading online, and again, not enough time.

I watched all the webinars that were over an hour, but felt like I was wasting precious time when I should be doing other things. After several of these webinars, information overload would start to overwhelm me. I was getting too much information about a lot of different things, and I wouldn’t retain any of it.

The e-newsletters… read a few of them, but they seemed to be mostly fluff and a bit boring.

So what is the best type/length of content to give away for list building?

I think I am most comfortable and look forward to getting a 7 day bootcamp of 8 minute videos – it’s the one where I actually ordered and paid $39 for the 78 page ebook.

So with list building, the daily exposure in short spurts may be the best method by getting your name and face out there everyday for a week and providing very interesting and enticing content. And, promote your product on each video page so they see it everyday. Once you’ve got their attention, and you build their trust in you as an authority, they will open up their wallet.

Enough said…



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  1. Preston Schumacher

    Awesome insight Val. I too like to analyze why I take certain actions online. I was beginning to think the old Bootcamp offer was declining in popularity, but it makes sense that people want smaller chunks spread out over time. Time to work on my own Bootcamp:)

  2. Lilach Bullock

    Interesting article Val. I give away an eBook which is about 35 pages and that works well for me. I actually think it’s not the length that’s important but the content and how much value you give.

    For example, you could give away an eBook that’s 100 pages but if it’s not really of any value and actually giving anything to the subscriber than they will just unsubscribe.

    I also think it’s good to split test so for example, have 2 or 3 products and see which one gets the most subscribers, retainer rate on the list, buyers etc.

    1. valheisey Post author

      right on about split-testing. I’m pretty new at all this and have so much to get into the marketing system. Thanks for your insightful comment!

  3. Joe Sandy

    You are so right Val. I tend to cringe a little when I click on something other than a training video and it’s long. I think you’ve just tapped into a potential market! A D D is a condition that I find plagues many networkers, myself included. Those of us with it need to be able to focus. It’s easier with shorter videos and posts.


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