Leadership – What you need and want

Leadership is what you want

You need leadership to succeed – whether it comes from your upline, superior or self. Learn to be a leader, and teach others to lead.

What does leadership look like? What doe it take to be a leader?

Does it take rank? Does it take income level? Does it take appearance and stuff?

True leaders do not try to come across as something they are not. True leaders practice a humble attitude and don’t try to impress anyone with their lifestyle.

Effective leaders listen and make time for their team. I think it’s like having kids. When they are young (or new), you don’t want to be their friend, but you do want to gain their respect through proper training, practicing sound values, and providing discipline.

What does that look like in network marketing?

Proper training is to provide the tools or live events to inform, practice and motivate your team. A training website or web page is a good place to send your new recruits to take the first steps to getting their business launched on the right foot. A forum is a good place for all your teammates to interact with each other and bounce ideas around. This could be a Facebook Group.

Having sound values is instilling the importance of a strong ethical business practice by all your team members. You don’t want one person to give your entire team a black eye! And, it only takes one to ruin it for everyone.

Discipline means regular reality checks. This is not an employer/employee business model, so your team really has no obligation to you. If you present the concept as optional, but you highly recommend it if they want to succeed, you will build a team that lasts.

When a new person joins your business, have them commit to being accountable for their actions at specific intervals. Every two weeks, then once a month for 3 months, then once every 3 months, and finally once every 6 months until you have had them under your wing for a year. Go over their daily routine, goals and strategies to see that they are having the results both they and you want. Tell them this is the way to success, but it takes commitment and consistency!

What else can you do to create maximum efficiency within your team?

How about a training event held once a month. Live on location is best, but if that’s not feasible, a live webinar will be a good substitute. At a live event, the newbies can interact with the seasoned pros and role play if necessary, until they become confident in their marketing and closing skills. On a webinar, the pros could be interviewed, explaining how they built their business including any successes and failures they encountered along the way, and the new people can glean valuable information from those who have been through the test of time.

When you set up your leadership responsibilities in this way, you create new leaders that can duplicate your blueprint and create a vast network of successful teammates. Everyone wins!

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To your success…




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  1. Duke Romkey

    I really do like the use of Facebook groups as an interactive Forum for teams. They provide great support from MULTIPLE people for reps and give a good sense of community.

    Thanks Val!

  2. Akos Fintor

    Hey Val,

    That was a very nice post on what it takes to be leader.
    A true leader knows it is all about his team reaching their full potential.

    thanks for the share!


  3. David Sharp

    I must admit I was one of those folk who thought I could just enrol people online and leave it at that, just leave them to get on with it. That works fine if all you want to do is sponsor people endlessly, it does not build a business.
    Thanks for the post Val.



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