How to overcome prospecting jitters and start building your business…

Prospecting Jitters
Prospecting Jitters

Prospecting Jitters – Like a palette knife painting

How many times have you said to yourself, “now I’m ready to get my business going,” only to stumble on your prospecting jitters?

Prospecting jitters – sounds like a disease!

You’re right… it not only sounds like one, but it actually is a disease… a mental disease. The word disease its self says it is a dis-ease.

Do they have a pill for that? They probably do… but the pill would only hide the symptoms of prospecting jitters and you would suffer from another symptom that is far worse than the jitters!

The first line of action is to look for the cause.


Do you know what causes prospecting jitters?

Well, if you have ever given this any thought as to why you always fall short of picking up that phone, or practicing the three foot rule, you will probably pick out one word that says it all. That word is FEAR!

You know it and I know it – prospecting jitters does exist, and the symptoms create a lot of discomfort. The stomach feels like there are knots twisting and turning and even nausea can occur. You start to perspire, your face feels flushed, your breathing becomes shallow, your voice is weak, and your palms are sweaty. Arrgghhh!


Ok, we have all been there, but do you know why we have such an adverse reaction and come down with prospecting jitters?

The reason we fear is because we are focused on ourselves. Think about it… “I don’t do it because they might reject me!” “I’m not ready yet because I might not know all the answers to their questions and look like a fool!” “I don’t want to do it because they might accuse me of peddling a pyramid scheme!” “I don’t want to be like a pushy salesman.” “I don’t want to be like those telemarketer sales people who call and try to make me buy something over the phone, and then they always seem to call at suppertime – I have more integrity than that!”

Do any of these excuses sound familiar?


Are these the real reasons you have prospecting jitters?

Have you ever wondered how you can GET OVER IT!

Look at the phrases again… in each example, you will find the emphasis on “I” or “me”! It is never about the prospect!

You have to change your point of view and be focused on the prospect. When you do this, you will no longer have prospecting jitters because the onus is on the prospect. They have the power to say yes, no or maybe. You are only there to see if you can provide value to them. Do you have a solution that will give them a better life? It’s not always a monetary solution either!

As a network marketer, you know the infinite amount of personal growth one achieves in this industry. Is your prospect looking for satisfaction in life style, or relationships? Network marketing provides this.


Now, you may be wondering where these prospecting jitters and fears come from?

I am as guilty of this as the next guy or gal, and in my own reflection on this subject, I have come up with a theory. I hope you find value in this as I have.

When things are focused on self, as in “I don’t want to look like a fool” or whatever the whining voices in your head are saying, it points to PERFECTIONISM.

I know, I have battled this inner voice most of my life, and that’s been a pretty long time. I always wanted to measure up, and if I didn’t, I felt inferior. I still battle this demon when I’m in the midst of circumstances that stir the pot!

When I went to college in my mid to late 30’s, I went to study art, and I graduated Suma Cum Laude – that’s a 4.0! Was it worth it? Only to the extent that I thoroughly enjoyed doing the art, but it didn’t give me anything more than a large college bill at the end.

But, I had a painting professor that saw the struggle I was frustrated with, and he offered a solution that helped me GET OVER IT. Instead of using small brushes to get all the intricate details of a still life or landscape or portrait painting, he told me to use anything but a brush and create the painting. I switched to pieces of cardboard and palette knifes and plastic forks, whatever I could find. I found myself loosening up; it was impossible to sweat the small stuff. I felt freer and more creative, and my artwork was a lot better. Even today, nearly 15 years later, I still prefer to paint with palette knifes. It’s the act of shaping and sculpting to create a work of art. It’s an act of love.


So how can you use this same theory in combatting prospecting jitters?

I think if you view the sea of potential prospects as the myriad colors found in nature, you will see them as dollops of luscious oil paint dropped randomly on a canvas.

It is your job to create something beautiful by shaping and sculpting them with your solutions to their pain and problems. Your focus is on the paint and what you can create with it. The end result is enlightening and valuable!

You will make this world a happier place, where those that see the potential before them will have time freedom and financial freedom beyond their imagination.

It’s time to GET OVER YOURSELF with those prospecting jitters by focusing on saving the world instead of yourself.



You have the power!




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Photo of Painting: Cyclamen – Val Heisey 2000





  1. Lilach Bullock

    Interesting post Val:) Whilst I’m not in network marketing I do have to spend time speaking with potential clients and I must admit I’ve never found it jittering… but maybe I’ve been in business too long now and have forgotten what it was like when I first started!

    I think it’s important to remember that people are attracted to confidence and as long as you can portray that you’re do well. It’s also often a numbers game… the more people you speak to the more likely you will get a sale.
    Lilach Bullock recently posted..Should you be giving away freebies?My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Lilach, I agree, it is a numbers game, and it does get easier the more you do it! But it takes a few under your belt to get there. Now, in my small business, I have no jitters – easy to talk to people when they seek you out, but if you are trying to approach people with information they did not ask to see, it is a whole different ballgame!
      valheisey recently posted..How to identify your target market… MLM Success!My Profile

  2. BG Jenkins

    Hi Val,

    The power of perspecitive is amazing. You just change your perspective and those things we fear look so differently. Great job! Is that your painting above? Beautiful!
    BG Jenkins recently posted..Who Am I?My Profile


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