How to connect with people who are different

How to connect with people who are different

Learn how to connect with people who are different, then your business will take a giant leap in a positive direction.

I learned an interesting concept about how people are different and how to connect with them is often difficult.

imagine that! People really are different! How do I know this? Well, if you think about it, you know it too!

Just think about how you and your spouse see eye-to-eye on things. In my case, it is often a fleeting moment in time.

Now, I’m not saying there are problems, but what I am saying is we have different DNA, different likes, different talents, and different patterns.

We have been married nearly 39 years, so being in the same environment doesn’t change a thing. It is how we were brought up, but it is also ingrained in our very being.

Examples of this are, how we evaluate situations. I am a processor, and a recovering perfectionist. I need to weigh all the alternatives and make decisions based on common sense. My husband is quick to make decisions and he strives for great, not excellent. I am a good listener, and prefer quiet, while he doesn’t wait to hear the end of a point of view without interjecting his own point of view. I am patient, while he loses his easily.

I’m not complaining, but what I am illustrating is that people are different. There are things that cannot be changed. To change them would be to rely on the other person to bring us happiness. It is not their responsibility or obligation to make us happy. It is impossible!

So, how or what does this have to do with working with people in network marketing?

You need to learn how to connect with people who are different.

You need to understand the differences in order to connect with them, and it all revolves around dealing with tension, and turning it into cooperation. If tension is high, cooperation is low, and when tension is low, you get high cooperation. So if you want to close more prospects, you need to reduce tension and raise cooperation.

There are different models for “types” of people. Some describe them as animals, some describe them as earth elements, and some describe them as colors, you may describe them as something else. But I will discuss them as colors in this example.

There are 4 color personalities.

  1. Yellow: peaceful, relational, more indirect, slower, less confrontational; nice people; nurturing and supporting; make up 35% of the population
  2. Blue: relational; more direct, confrontational; make up 15% of the population; want to have fun, love to talk, very relational, very spontaneous; not ruled by the clock.
  3. Green: task oriented; more indirect, slower, less confrontational; nice people; on time; want details; make up 35% of the population
  4. Red: task oriented; more direct, confrontational, persistent, processors, fast decisions, biggest egos; make up 15% of the population

You need to work with your prospect’s color. And if you are concerned that you may be a blue trying to work with a green, and think it is impossible, don’t worry. Everyone has all the traits of all the colors within them, but one color trait is dominate. So as a blue, you have to recognize you are working with a green and dig down deep for your green qualities to lower the tension and raise the cooperation.

The study of personality traits is extensive and we are only scratching the surface with this information. There are books and courses that cover this information in depth. If you are serious about increasing your closing rates, you need to learn how to recognize the differences in people and what to do with that information.

Then, you will know how to connect with people who are different.

If you never learn how to connect with people who are different, you will always struggle in your home business.

To find out more about this topic, contact me HERE!

Stop struggling – connect with people who are different!


To your success…




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  1. Terry Petrovick

    Personalities are indeed interesting. Our family of four has all four colors…it gets crazy some times! But, you are right Val, it is REALLY important that we get so we can communicate with the other personality types (without driving each other crazy) lol.

    Thanks for the great advice!

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey David! Thanks for stopping by.

      It is my understanding that attraction marketing is when you help people by offering them high value information – for free, and in return, they are attracted to you and will come to you when they are looking for a mentor or coach to take their business to the next level. No two people are the same, but understanding personality types will help you relate to each other. Everyone is more comfortable.

      valheisey recently posted..How to connect with people who are different.My Profile

  2. Duke Romkey

    Everybody is different so it is very important to know how to connect with various personality styles. There are a lot of good personality tests out there that will also give indicators on the different types of style and their preferred communication style that can be very helpful. Thanks Val.
    Duke Romkey recently posted..Find Your Way To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  3. Radu

    Hey Val,
    Great presentation about the 4 main personalities..It’s true, we have all these traits but each person is a mystery:) As you said, flexibility is key..if you’re a blue and have to talk with a green then look withing for that little green person 🙂 Flexibility allows us to be open minded, listen any person and see if we can help one way or another.
    If you’re curious to know more about the human personalities search about the 16 types(created by Carl Jung initially and developed by Myer-Briggs), the eneagram personalities or the program created by Eben Pagan on this topic…Lots of info that can be surprising 🙂

    Thanks for sharing,
    Radu recently posted..4 things I learned from Darren Little-The MLM Super HeroMy Profile

  4. Wendy Elwell

    There is no way you have been married for 39 years! You do not look like it! I hope I am able to make it that long with my hubby. I enjoyed the color personalities. I have heard them as gems not as colors. Thanks for sharing thought provoking and very valuable information about how to learn to relate to all personality types.

    Wendy Elwell recently posted..What is Pinterest?My Profile

  5. Sandy Moore

    I have completed a training on colours and personalities and never used it when dealing with prospects.
    Language is a big part of connecting with people and I tend to stick with listening and using the right kind of language.
    I’m sure you are securing many people into your business by way of using the colours process.

    Great Post Val.

    Sandy Moore
    Sandy Moore recently posted..5 Smart Ways To Supercharge A Blog With Creative Press Release DistributionMy Profile


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