Copywriting: 4 elements that bring results…

Copywriting skills

When you know the 4 elements of copywriting, you are equipped to producing some killer content, and it doesn’t belong in a graveyard.

Are you writing blogs or articles and wondering if they are well written?

Do you wonder if people really read them or find them interesting?

Are they written for your audience? Do they provide value? Or, are they bland and boring?

Well, this post will lay it out there for you to weigh whether your writing skills need a little tweak!

Copywriting skills play an enormous part in creating
an effective blog post or article.

And, it takes skill to include not only good copywriting technique, but to also include good SEO criteria in each post.

A post by Duke Romkey, went over all of the on-page SEO that you need to keep in mind, when writing your post. There are only four, but weaving them into your post takes some thought. You can read his entire post HERE!

What makes a post or article interesting – one that uses good copywriting technique!

The first rule and most important rule in any design work, whether you are designing for writing, graphics, architecture… whatever… you must ask yourself, and answer yourself… “who is my audience and what do they want?”

Now, when you write, you must imagine you are talking directly to the person – keep it a one-on-one conversation, after all, the person reading it is only one person!

You need to include words, adjectives, adverbs – very descriptive dialog – to draw the reader in. As if you are telling a secret story, or a ghost story. You know… you remember as a kid going to a Halloween Party, and we had mock séances and before we knew it, we were right there in the middle of the cemetery with all the ghouls lurking in and around the gravestones. And we could smell the decay, and the fog lay heavy in the air. It was almost palpable. The damp mist felt like sweat on our brow, and then, we hear a door creak… and what was emerging from the mausoleum… Okay, I’ve got to bring us back to copywriting now!

But the point is, you need to draw your reader into the scene, and have them anticipating what will happen next.

You need to use very descriptive words – almost like being an artist who is painting a scene on canvas. You need to cause a sensory reaction in the reader. Imagine a plump, juicy, deep ruby red, sweet, succulent strawberry dipped in velvety, rich, dark chocolate. Mmmmm!

But don’t forget we have other sensory areas too, and it is important to stimulate all of them. There are five to be exact. We taste, see, hear, feel and touch. Use color and shapes, sounds, sensations and feelings to elicit a reaction in your reader.

Another rule in copywriting is to use the principle of “short.”

This means, use short sentences, short paragraphs, and short simple words. I think they say the average reader has an 8th grade vocabulary – sad but true!

Another technique to effective copywriting is to use incomplete sentences and start some of your sentences with the word “And.” Also, let some of your sentences drift off… And use fragmented thoughts that jump from one thought to another.

All these techniques are great, and will keep your reader hooked into your writing, but you need to be writing about something of value or they will not waste their busy time.

There are four criteria to effective writing.

  • Solution
  • Desire
  • Proof
  • Action

When writing effective articles that utilize good copywriting skills,
you have to…

Figure out their problem. If you can’t come up with a problem, ask around or read the social sites. People are always discussing something on there.

Now, your job is to find a solution to the problem. Preferably a unique solution, but if the problem has no unique solution, then you make it unique by using your copywriting skills. The solution should be used in the headline and the first paragraph of the article.

As you develop your article, make the reader desire the solution even more by drawing them into the captivating story you are telling – remember the séance! Maybe your story tells how a product or service made a life-changing impact on someone – tell the story as if you were re-living it.

To add credibility to what you are writing about, you want to provide proof. This could be through testimonials, facts, stats, endorsements and guarantees. You want your reader to believe you.

And finally, you end your article with a call to action. Tell them exactly what you would like them to do. Make it irresistible. Remember the movie “The Godfather”, you want it to be an “offer they can’t refuse” – one that keeps them up at night.

Now if you are blogging with some helpful information, and your call to action is to just add a comment, then that’s something I think they wouldn’t lose sleep over.

But, all in all, copywriting skills can make an otherwise so-so article into a must read article and the reader will come back again and again to see what tales you are telling today.

Copywriting skills must be used if you want your audience to follow you!


To your success…




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    1. valheisey Post author

      Thank you David. I think it’s almost like going back to when we were kids and played make believe. We would conjure up a tall tale – although at this age it better be lined with the truth or risk credibility. Thanks for the comment!

  1. Preston Schumacher

    Something that goes along with the principle of short is “leaving white space.” Keep posting area narrow (between 500-600pixels), like you said Val use short paragraphs, and double space between paragraphs, pictures, and videos.

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