Business Communication: The Simple Business Card

Business Communication - the simple Business Card

Does the Simple Business Card really work for effective business communication?

Now I’m probably going to ruffle some feathers with this post, but how many people see value in having a business card for effective business communication?

In the business and marketing world, they say a business card is like a mini billboard that you can leave with someone so they can contact you if they need what you have to offer.

Has this ever happened to you in network marketing?

How many times do people call you because they have a revelation that, “ooh, I have to contact Val Heisey because I just have to join her business!”? Can you count them on one hand?

If you pin a few to a bulletin board in a grocery store, how many people take one and give you a call because they know there is a great opportunity in that network marketing business printed on that card?

The truth is, this business requires that you do the contacting – not vice-a-versa. So why do you need a business card? You will get better results with a dropcard that entices the person who picks it up, to go to a website and opt-in. Or the card may ask them to call the phone number listed on the card to hear a recorded message. The message asks them to leave their name and phone number if they want to learn more.

With this method, you get a warm body on your lead list. You get someone with a name and a phone number or email address to contact. You get an opportunity to invite them to take a look at something that may or may not be for them.

“But Val,” you say… “I think I need to look professional! How is anyone going to take me seriously as someone in a real business?”

The answer to that question is in how you carry yourself – your posture. You need to be energized, with your head held high. You need to be positive and self-assured. You need to believe in your business and yourself.

If you do these things, your attitude will be magnetic and others will become excited too. Remember, this gets easier as you grow in your business, and as you practice your posture. People will see your success on the outside and it will originate from the inside.

With an assertive posture, people will believe you. You will not allow others to take advantage of you or dismiss you so easily. You will be able to help your prospects see how your business may be able to solve their problems that keep them from moving forward in their life.

Then, ask them for their business card and tell them you’ll give them a call. That takes the pressure and the guilt off of your prospect who may never call you if you leave it up to them. They may have changed their mind and they don’t want to let you down, or they think they cannot build a business for some reason, so they conveniently “forget” to call you back.

Now, if they don’t have a business card, carry a small “black book” to write down their name and phone number. Being prepared for a casual conversation with anyone is key to getting leads offline for your network marketing business.

I would love to get feedback on this. Does anyone have business cards and use them, and do you find they are useful in network marketing?


Do what works!

To your success…




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  1. David Sharp

    Nope I don’t use business cards myself I much prefer to get the other persons business card or phone number, although I don’t have that much opportunity to do that living where I do. Good post Val.

  2. Juli Becker

    It’s true, Val. I’ve heard it’s more important to get your prospects’ business card than it is to give them yours….and, of course, the key is in the follow up. Juli

  3. Terry Petrovick

    What you say makes a lot of sense.

    I use business cards but only give them out when people ask me for one. I don’t leave them around or put them in card books for the networking groups I below to.

    And since make card is a $100 bill and I market money it creates a conversation which is my desired out anyways…

    Good post!


  4. Duke Romkey

    You also need to be careful about what you put on your business card if you do give it out, if it has something blatant on there that screams MLM or network marketing then they will pre-judge you and your business before you even get a chance.

    1. valheisey Post author

      So right Duke! That’s why I haven’t had any printed for my company. I only use the $100 bill drop card. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Lilach Bullock

    Val interesting discussion:) I disagree to some extent – however I don’t have a business card at the moment. For the simple reason I rarely attend networking events, everything I do is pretty much online.

    I must stress though that If I was attending networking events on a regular basis I would need to have them. I’ve been to the odd event where I haven’t and have felt that I have missed out.

    I have got a lot of business from having business cards in the past. It’s how creative you are with them too…

    1. valheisey Post author

      Lilach, I have always had business cards in the past for my non-network marketing businesses, and have used them to promote my service, but all I have learned about how-to network says, get everyone else’s card and call them. Thanks for the comment!


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