Blogging For Business – What Works and What doesn’t?

If you’re a blogger, how many times have you wondered if blogging for business really works?

As with any kind of internet marketing, there are a lot of variables to consider when you choose blogging to build your business.

I’ve been researching this quite a bit lately. I hear all kinds of arguments about which way is best. Some people blog every day, just for the sake of being consistent. They believe a daily post keeps you always moving forward in the eyes of the search engines.

Some people think length of post doesn’t matter. As long as you are posting daily, a 100 word post is sufficient. Others say a post should be 500-700 words long to catch the attention of the search engines, and give your content credibility.

Still others believe the opposite. They say that the only thing that matters is to use SEO to get ranked and increase your traffic. Starting with choosing the correct keywords and then implementing the proper syndicating tools will get the job done.

Blogging for Business is about getting your information in front of eyeballs.

If you are writing content, no matter how often, and you don’t have a large list of subscribers, you are putting a lot of content out there for nothing. You are wasting your time.

Let’s look at this. The Ray Higdon’s of the world are blogging daily. He gets over a million visitors to his blog every month. He has said that he doesn’t pay attention to keyword research and he doesn’t do much with reposting his content in multiple places. He picks his content by answering a question that new people in business might have, or something he learned from a book or seminar. He has a massive list. And, he emails that list with a link to his latest post, every single day. Those that love his content look forward to receiving his golden nuggets.

How did he build his massive list? By being successful at what he does, and developing a name for himself in the industry. Then, he has an opt-in on his website. People want to emulate what he does so they can be a success too, and they sign-up.

Here is another example. The Rob Fore’s of the world do not blog daily. Rob has been working his online business for about 18 months. To date, he has posted 149 times. That equates to about 2 posts per week or 8 per month. His business has exploded because he uses ninja SEO tactics to be sure his content is ranked on the first page of a Google search. Everything he writes about is on purpose to drive traffic, get leads, or generate CASH. He outsources some of the SEO methods, and uses third party tools to give him the edge he needs to stay on top.

His success in the industry has catapulted him to the top, and in doing this, his list now grows not only by having his content found in a search, but people are searching him out as well.

Now, Rob will tell you, SEO is everything. He has someone in his business, who writes a blog post everyday, and in over 500 posts, he has generated 15 leads, and made one sale. This guy was just posting willy nilly with no strategy in mind. And this illustrates Rob’s point completely about the importance of using SEO.

A few newcomers to the scene are Brian Cole, Mark Harbert and Frank J. Marino, the MLM Bluesman. Each are using methods similar to Rob Fore, and each are climbing the leaderboards quickly. Brian just announced he had 120 leads and 8 MLSP sign-ups in two days while he was traveling, and he really just started doing this in January of this year. Not too shabby for only a couple of months.


So, how do you do that?

You have to get your content in front of eyeballs.

I have come to the conclusion that posting everyday is not a requirement to building your business, especially if you have nothing of value to give your audience in terms of content.

Posting for the sake of posting does nothing.

If you are a heavy hitter in your business, and have made a name for yourself through efforts not associated with using the internet, then use the methods that Ray Higdon uses. If you are new or struggling, and can’t get any traction based on who you are, then use Rob Fore’s method.

Compliment either strategy by being active on Facebook, and Pinterest, so people start to know who you are. Becoming a household name is the name of the game if you want to get to the top, which is called branding (another post topic to come soon).

Either way, blogging for business can be a great way to stay connected with new and existing customers or team members.

To your success!




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  1. Tom Coleman

    Hi Val, Great info here. Ray Higdon and Rob Fore are rock stars. They are completely down to earth and provide great info to their followers. Brian is just getting back from Texas and getting ready to move there. This is truly a laptop business.Love your blog.
    I look forward to your upcoming posts.

    To your success

    Tom Coleman recently posted..Happy Easter and Happy Holiday’s to AllMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Thanks Tom! You are right about Ray and Rob. Brian is going to love TX. Didn’t know that was the reason for his trip. Once bitten by the laptop bug, there is no going back to a job. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. BG Jenkins

    Hi Val,

    I agree there are many opinions on whether to blog daily or not…I also agree that if you don’t have something of value to post, then why do it. Learning the techniques that work which produce income, and serves your reader, are what matters most. Great post, Val
    BG Jenkins recently posted..Sweet Value!My Profile

  3. Christi Johnson

    I know that you and I are working together, but coming here and reading your post just MADE MY DAY! I continually make it too hard. For whatever reason, I have success and wonder why. So…then…I go try to get results and nothing happens. I just figured out what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you so much for writing this. I needed to read it, and you have helped me in a major, major way. I simply need more eyeballs. You ROCK!!
    Christi Johnson recently posted..Top Fifteen Things You NEVER Need To Do On Facebook!My Profile

  4. Anthony Hutcherson

    Hey Val! Love the new look of your blog! Awesome post. Rob’s PPOP course is phenomenal and personally for me, that’s the strategy that I have begun implementing in my business.

    You are right though, it’s useless to post daily if you are not providing any kind of value to the marketplace. An end goal should always be a definite objective!
    Anthony Hutcherson recently posted..8 Phone Prospecting Tips To Quickly Build RapportMy Profile

  5. Rasheed

    I totally agree Val. Content is NOT king if no one is reading your blog posts! Lol.

    I personally like building communities of readers, because when one reader recommends a blog to another reader, there’s already the “trust factor” that builds loyalty. Plus, SEO is complicated and changes too often! Lol.

    Thanks for the great insight!

    Rasheed recently posted..Insights from NAC2012: How to Propel Yourself this YearMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey Rasheed, You’re right, SEO is a bit complicated, but it does work evidenced by rising stars, Brian Cole, Mark Harbert and Frank Marino. I bought Rob Fore’s latest course, and it is amazing and doable. His point is write your content with the end in mind and then syndicate it. I like that approach. Thanks for dropping by!
      valheisey recently posted..The Secret to Free MLM Leads…My Profile

  6. Alan Turner

    Hi Val, loving the new blog design.

    Blogging is a fantastic past time. It is a way to get your message heard by literally millions of people(In Ray Higdon’s case) and by doing so can allow people to work for themselves and earn a very considerable income from wherever they want to.

    One thing I have learned from Ray is that to be a profitable blogger, you need to not only be consistent with your blogging, but you also need to answer your prospect’s questions and solve their problems. If you do that, you will naturally get people to come to your blog and share your content. While SEO is important and key word research an important part of what you do, solving the prospect’s problem is of paramount importance.

    Keep moving forward.

    Alan Turner recently posted..FEAR – Get Over It, Your Reward Versus Risk Ratio!My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey Alan, what you are saying is so true. Ray and Rob agree on find their pain and offer a solution. It really is as simple as that. I went through Ray’s blogging course, and found lot of valuable information, and I bought Rob’s course too. I like Rob’s methodology in using SEO and only posting content 2-3 times per week. The rest of the week, you are repurposing the content to other sites to rank. Rob’s results are amazing and I like the variety of the plan. Thanks for visiting and commenting!
      valheisey recently posted..The Secret to Free MLM Leads…My Profile

  7. Jamella Biegel

    Hi Val,

    I too believe that you don’t have to blog everyday to be successful. If someone is posting something everyday and it’s not being read, or the readers aren’t taking action, then what is the point?

    I like both of the approaches that are being used by Ray Higdon and Rob Fore because they are working! Hats off to these guys for finding what works for them. We need to do likewise.
    Jamella Biegel recently posted..What Exactly Does Do Follow Mean?My Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Yes John, it’s all about methodology. Personally, I think I was getting a little bored with blogging everyday. Not enough variety. I like having different tasks to do each day rather than getting stuck in a rut. I also think, the future is in social media. Massive amounts of relationships can be built there. Thanks for dropping by.
      valheisey recently posted..The Secret to Free MLM Leads…My Profile

  8. Juli Becker


    I too have been studying what it takes to be a successful blogger, so this post is timely for me…have also been watching the three amigos (Brian, Mark, and Frank) closely, wanting desperately to get the results they are getting. I went all in with Rob Fore’s Posting On Purpose For Profit and am slowly adding his tools to my arsenal. Also bought Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy course, so I think I’m going to get there eventually.

    Great post. Passionate about blogging,

    Juli Becker recently posted..Top 21 Reasons Why You Should BlogMy Profile

    1. valheisey Post author

      Hey Juli, glad you stopped by. Sounds like you are well armed to get yourself to the top in blogging. Another strategy I am using is to study other bloggers not associated with our industry. Those that are pure internet marketers to learn their strategies. It seems many do not adhere to a standard operating procedure. And I think that being a little creative in how we design our daily activities can set us apart from the rest.
      Thanks for letting me know what you are working on, and keep me posted on the results.
      valheisey recently posted..Viral marketing: the key to your online empireMy Profile


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