Attract people you want to work with to your business

Whether you are using the internet to find people, or are prospecting by doing it the old fashioned way, are you picky about who you want to join you in your business? You should be!

Think about it… if you sign up just anyone, they may be joining you thinking they are going to make some fast money and that’s it. What are the chances this person will still be with you in five or ten years from now, when you will be collecting all the residual money from your hard work in the early years? Not very great!

The very nature of network marketing is to build a long-term empire by bringing like-minded people into your business who want to build long-term empires. It takes time and nurturing, and it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The people will be genuine partners, in it for the long haul. They are people who will share in supporting your efforts as you support their efforts.

Finding these people is like conducting a job interview – are they qualified to work with you? Do they have the skills to be self-reliant? Do they have leadership potential? Are they willing to be coachable and learn to do webinars or live events? Are they afraid of the phone? Without these traits, you will be holding their hand the entire time they do stay in the business, and more than likely, they will not be in it very long.

Having a team of people, who are driven by fast money, will become your worst nightmare. You will begin to resent these deadbeats and dread every time you see their phone number appear on your caller ID. They will also affect the integrity of your entire team. These are people who have a tendency to be whiners and are usually needy.

So, the solution is to be picky.

I know, you say, “I’m new, and I need to start to build my team so I can start earning some money!” Well, the truth is that unless they walk up to you with check in hand, the time and energy you spend prospecting is the same if you find quality people or losers. So look for the quality to begin with and your empire will build faster and bigger with fewer headaches and will have lasting power. You will be unstoppable.

And even if they walk up to you with check in hand, consider referring them or finding a diplomatic way to tell them your business may not be for them. If they insist, tell them straight up that you are there for support and to guide them to the information they need to learn. It is up to them to learn it. Remember, the time you spend holding their hand can be better spent finding more leaders.

That being said, I do believe a newbie’s training webinar would be a good idea, to welcome your new person to the team and lay it out what is expected of them as a member of the team – maybe rephrase it to say what they need to do to be on the fast tract to success (they are not an employee after all). Direct them to other trainings and have a team meeting each week to mastermind ideas so the entire team can benefit and the team can remain cohesive.

We’re all in this separately, but together… so build your own Dream Team!





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  1. Lilach Bullock

    Thanks Val, this is actually an interesting subject I get asked a lot. People are so desperate often for clients and just take anyone. But the beauty of running your own business is that you can pick and choose.

    It’s much nicer and easier to work for a client that you like and are passionate about what they do.

    I’ve actually fired clients in the past! – and this was because when I was new in business I was too scared to qualify and pick and choose and then they ended up being nightmare clients!

    One of the things I speak about with potential clients is that it has to work both ways, they’re qualifying me and I’m qualifying them:)

  2. Suha Sagban

    I love it Val-exactly. I always say I am truly very picky when choosing my prospects. I see my organization and my team as a multi-million dollar company, building it steady and strong :).

  3. Joseph Sandy

    This is an excellent post Val. You are so right about the difference between signing up “warm bodies” and signing up people who are truly serious about building their businesses and who are coachable. This all lends to the overall flavor of the team and, ultimately, their success. Thanks for sharing.

  4. David Sharp

    Some excellent points here Val, especially about searching for genuine partners into your team and not just looking for anyone who just wants to make a fast buck. I have recruit many of these fast buck folk, and to a man, or woman, not one has stuck with it.

    1. valheisey Post author

      They never find what they are looking for – the fast easy money! The results are so predictable! Thanks for commenting!

    1. valheisey Post author

      You got that right John. I think being in network marketing is all about teaching personal development. Thanks for posting!

  5. David Sharp

    Great post Val, I know the value of attracting the right people to my business but it wasn’t always like that and I really did have to learn the right way. I hope people take note of this article.

  6. Monyelle

    One of the hardest things to learn and accept is that “no” is a full and valed sentence. It’s so imporant to have quality team members. You’ve touched on the aspects to help develop a team of quality.

    1. valheisey Post author

      I think it’s the only way to go – as Ray Higdon says, “would you want to work with you?” Thanks for the post!

  7. Mark Harbert

    Awesome Val! This is exactly what its about! Having your own business allows you to work with who you want to work with. We can’t typically do that in the corporate world and that is a privilege we need to take advantage of in the world of business ownership. Again great post my friend!!

    Mark Harbert


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