7 Laws to Effective Business Leadership

7 laws to effective leadership

Do you know the 7 laws to effective leadership… find out what they are and jump start your business.

How can you grow your fledgling MLM business to where you are able to live the lifestyle you dream about? What is it that the top earners are doing that sets them apart from the 95% who struggle with recruiting and building an organization?

I was on a webinar this evening, that spoke to this very question, and the presenter, who is my senior business partner, said there are 7 ways, or laws, or rules to start thinking like a leader.

When you implement every one of these laws, you cannot help but rocket your business to success.

What are the 7 laws to effective MLM Leadership?

  1. Change your vocabulary – you need to stop saying “that’s what I’m bad at,” or “I’m overwhelmed and confused.” Throw out the negativity! If you are negative, you will have negative results. And, you need to stop saying “if only.” “I would be a top earner too, if only I could be a speaker and do webinars!” Napoleon Hill said it best in Think and Grow Rich “success requires no explanations, failure permits no alibis.” Quit making lame excuses for your lack of action in building your business. An example of this can be illustrated with those who have a fear of making phone calls. Instead of saying, “oh, I get butterflies in my stomach, my palms are sweaty, and I’m so nervous I can barely get the words out.” Tell yourself, “in the past I struggled with the phone, but I continue to get better every day.” See how much better this sounds? It is a positive take on a difficult situation. Then, with time and practice, the fear goes away.
  2. Staring at results – you can no longer just look at your results. You have to dig deep into the actions, or lack of action, to see what caused the results and then change the actions that caused them. You can’t just look at your bank account and expect it to change, you have to do the activities that will produce the positive income streams to change your bank balance.
  3. Comfy question time – you need to think like a leader before you actually have someone to lead. Ask yourself, if you were a new person in the business (your target market), what questions would you have in getting started, and how would you answer them? Questions like… what to say to prospects? Time management tips? What tools do I need? Have a 90 day plan of action for new sign-ups to see results. With these resources in place ahead of time, you will save a lot of time and frustration. Do not spend your time hand-holding, or your business will falter. Take common questions – prepare for a massive and thriving downline with answers to the common questions.
  4. Credibility – Remember, you know more or have access to more information than 90% of the people in MLM and that gives you credibility.
  5. Sales – To be a leader in MLM or the reason anyone should be in MLM is to provide value to others and solve problems. To be able to solve people’s problems, you have to be able to sell them on the idea of the solution. Learn how to sell through books, tapes, webinars, etc. If you don’t sell anything, you won’t impact anyone.
  6. Long term – everything is long term… start acting like it! If you have been in this business for any length of time, you know it is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build your business and you need to nurture your business throughout your working career. This is the perfect business, why would you want to sabotage it prematurely?
  7. Entourage – improve your circle of friends and the people around you by attending events. If you don’t have a team in your area, perhaps there is a Meet-up group of networkers you could hang out with and support each other. Surround yourself with the right people to help you grow, stay motivated and stay positive.

These seven Laws, if followed completely and consistently, will turn you into a confident leader. Having effective MLM Leadership skills will take your business from barely getting by, to one with massive results.

Accelerate your business using effective MLM leadership skills today


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  1. Srinivas Reddy | Ask Sage

    Excellent post, Val! I like each of your 7 laws and would say that these would be highly effective even if you’re not into MLM, for they have to do with the pursuit of success. Actually, I like to think of these laws as habits. Laws become habits once you make them yours. 🙂

    My favorite of your 7 laws is the very first one: “Change your vocabulary.” You’ve got to change your daily narrative. The words you use everyday to describe yourself is how you’re writing your life script. Thanks for sharing!
    Srinivas Reddy | Ask Sage recently posted..The Power Of HabitMy Profile

  2. Radu

    Hey Val,
    Your leadership tips are right on target. Everything starts inside: accept where you are, decide, shift your perspective and feelings, start taking action, build friendships with people you want to model and learn how to sell..a fantastic ability to develop.

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading the post 🙂

    Radu recently posted..Special thanks to my top commentators for JanuaryMy Profile


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